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Thread: Improvements to the game

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    Improvements to the game

    I think its about time we get some more improvements to the game as i see more players losing interest and moving on to other games. If it takes to much time to have new building or units then it would be nice to have the ability to upgrade existing building and units for the next season.

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    BattleHouse has known for a long time that we all want improvements in the game. They created some things, mostly useless , like the FIND QUARRY tab....couldn't they have made it more usefull? Like only search for AVAILABLE quarries? And what's with the same building guards all the time? I get mostly Railgun Missile Defence. LOL. And who the hell even use Frost Tanks or Hellfires? Only usefull items are the Curiosity ( not very good, though. Reload too long) and Phantom. What's more, these forementioned items can be obtained by doing Gale Crater Epic and Phantom Assault Epic. So no need for these so-called events that in reality don't give you anything worthwhile. It might be interesting for noobies - new missions and special units and all - but for us older players - level 40 and above - there is little to gain anymore. Seriously BattleHouse , how about something new for a change? How about better base defence? EMP Cannons and Radiation Towers would be a great asset. And how about one more level upgrade for the Warehouse? - I keep hoping.

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