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    Security Network

    So the idea of the Security Network is to give units either a boost in damage or defense or eventually range. It doesn't appear at this point that you can add more than one type of camera to a building, unless that's going to change shortly? If we can only use one camera per building the player has to decide what to spend hardware on. This should be made a little clearer. I bought all 14 cameras for the Firestorm system. If I buy other cameras either from Ironsides or the upcoming cameras that boost range I would have to move the Firestorm cameras into my warehouse. I don't know about anyone else but I don't have enough space to store 14 cameras.

    We should be able to add multiple cameras to a building otherwise we're just wasting hardware.

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    I have the same question. I assume we will get extra slots to place the others in.
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    That would make sense. Otherwise its a waste of hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob.567 View Post
    I have the same question. I assume we will get extra slots to place the others in.
    they dont fix the bad ,,,warehouse size been issue since beginning of game

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    any news about this ?

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    Nothing as of yet. Hopefully it will be addressed this week or next week.

  7. #7 more are to come over the next few weeks , read down this .

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