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Thread: this lag is cramping my onp

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    this lag is cramping my onp

    so multiple times today i cant even do onp bases due to lag. if i do, units wont hear my stop command and fly into towers, or run headlong into dangerous units etc. it's in essence an onp percentage penalty.
    the reason this is irritating is i have finite time to do all the requirements to get the special unit, and that finite time has been cramped now twice by lag. I admit my computer isnt the fastest but everything else i load doesnt lag so i get the feeling its on the games side.
    It takes 10 seconds to hit collect all on a yard. crappy as it is this isnt my laptop.

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    Senior Member Bastian's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    Could be your internet.

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    Junior Member SweetPea's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    Having same issues and others are too. Sent into support not heard a word in 2 days oh well

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    almost all the guys in my clan have the same BAD problem

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    When is it going to be fixed?

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