This is a follow-up to your previous request #60732 "Second Devastator leader. "
Well, Until your code writers made that colossal error in the update of the turrets, where now many believe the guns shoot out of the platform instead of the barrels and backwards, Antonius was the only leader I had for the Devastator. Now I have Antonius, Augustine, Brutus,Earle, Percival, and "Reginal", which by the way is misspelled, or at least my spellchecker indicates that it is. Whatever the case, Of the Light Rail leaders I show all in green and none blank in the list when pulling up the individual platform, I'm missing a Devastator leader, a thunder cannon leader, and a light rail leader, AjMal told me that the guns now shoot from the platform. I thought if that's the case why not do away with the rotating guns and replace them with a more futuristic pulse gun ball on top of a tower? No moving parts and your shooting out of the back would go away. Also, I have all level 2 Reach Raiders and Akron guards and a picture of the weapons. Just a thought.