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Thread: why you banne inocent people..??

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    Angry why you banne inocent people..??

    player id 797839 is inocent players.. and we play each other. like a brother and you say he cheat and bann..?? why..?? what he cheat we need video.. we need vedio

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    Are you sure is as innocent as you think, maybe he got banned for something other than cheating e.g. foul language, maybe someone decided to report him for some reason like they couldn't do 100% damage on his base.

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    Prisons are full innocent people

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    Don't worry, Commanders! Our investigations team will only issue a ban if an investigation is carried out and they find evidence of cheating.

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    well one of our guys got ban cus of your server lagging it lagged alot yesterday heck even mine was lagging in my base

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    Angry Racist and insulting words

    please see the attachmentttttt.jpg
    Racist and insulting words

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