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Thread: Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Undisclosed feature "F"

    F displays FPS info.
    Mine says
    FPS: 10.38 (limit 60) using windows.setTimeout(17ms)
    Apparently I need to up my FPS...
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    Meh. Whatever. Works for me.

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    It also works with quickcars lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gama-Theo.OLD View Post
    WTF!?!? I just pressed "E" with a detonator droid and it went into hyperdrive (speed up and gained a blue circle over its head) for a few seconds before just disappearing (when the circle finished winding down - like a clock) someone care to explain this?

    EDIT: only works with detonator droids and has a glitch where the blue circle can be canceled out by navigating away from the page - otherwise pressing "E" will end up with them disappearing/being destroyed
    "E" is usefull to quick car detonators and excavator droids

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    work with quick cars also press "E" and them ran like there butts was on fire lol

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