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Thread: Living Room Rules Now in Effect

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    Living Room Rules Now in Effect

    Living Room Rules Now in Effect

    We've decided to transform the SpinPunch forums. While there are many players who communicate in a helpful, respectful tone, we feel the level of rudeness in some posts has gone too far for too long.

    This transformation has three parts:

    1) We're moving from a "Code of Conduct" to a set of "Forum Rules" with clear consequences for inappropriate behavior.

    2) As a temporary measure, we're enforcing "Living Room Rules". This is an overly-conservative mode where community members are asked to post only what the would be comfortable saying as a guest in someone else's living room. Posts to the forum will be moderated before appearing in an effort to transform the culture of the forum.

    3) After the level of rudeness from some posts has died down, we plan to return to regular moderation based on Forum Rules, with conversation that's enjoyable for everyone.

    We realize that this transformation may result in some existing community members choosing to not return to the SpinPunch forums.
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    While Living Room Rules remain in effect, we're now returning to regular moderation.

    Before posting, please make sure you've reviewed the forum rules:

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