New this week in Thunder Run:

Welcome to Season 13

Welcome to Season 13! Going into the new season, all Leaderboards and PvP Points are reset, meaning that it’s a fresh start for YOUR Clan to be the new the dominating Clan of Gundar, and win the Seasonal Clan Tournament Grand Prize of 10,000 Gold for your Clan at the end of the Season in 3 months from now. Does your Clan have what it takes?

Clan Building/Research Help System

🎶Gonna get by with my friends, ah, with a little help from my friends…🎵 hmm? Oh, sorry Commander, had that stuck in my head. First off, Happy Holidays! Second: Good news! We’ve received a software update for our command and control systems that allows us to get construction and research help from our clan mates. Any time you want to speed up a project, just ask for help. If ten clan members chip in, you’ll get a nice chunk of time shaved off.

  • You can now ask your clan mates for help with projects up to a certain number of times per day
  • Daily cap is tied to the Transmitter level. A level 10 transmitter can request help up to four times per day
  • Future Transmitter levels will raise this cap.
  • Clan members must be on the same multiplayer map to use this feature. Group up and dominate, Commander!

Elite Nimr L6 Stats Blueprints

The Elite Nimr L6 Stats Blueprint is now available in the Event Prizes store, allowing you to upgrade the Nimr’s Health, Damage, Mine Defense, and Blast Defense stats to Level 6. Unlock the blueprint as part of this week’s ONP Event by spending ONP in the Event Prizes store!

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Welcome to Season 13! Clan Help System, Elite Nimr L6 Stats Blueprints – January 10th Patch Notes