New this week in War Star Empire:

Promethium Base Updates

Attention, Commanders! Our spies have reported that our enemies have not taken kindly to their Promethium Storages being constantly sniped, and they have developed a countermeasure that allows their Promethium Storages to be impervious to attacks.

Fear not, Commander, for our intel suggests that these countermeasures are controlled within their Tactical Ops Center. Simply destroy their TOC, and their Promethium Storages become vulnerable again.

Starting June 10th, event bases will have their Promethium Storages “protected” until the TOC is destroyed. This is response to long-time feedback from players who pointed out that raiding Promethium and ignoring the TOC leads to the event base being left intact on the regional map, and thereby preventing new ones to spawn.

Security Node Bug Fix

A bug was discovered where Security Nodes only worked when players were defending against singleplayer defense missions. This has been fixed, and will now work everywhere. Expect fully-upgraded player bases to be much stronger in PvP fights soon.

Moar Promethium Rewards

The above two updates will no doubt come with additional challenges to event bases. Therefore, Promethium rewards on event bases have been increased by 25%. Challenge accepted, Commander?

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Good hunting, Commanders!

WSE: Promethium Storage Base Updates and more – June 10th Patch Notes