New Unit: Elite Rifleman

Elite Rifleman

Upgrade your army with a new, versatile foot soldier. The Elite version features increased weapon range and strength against armor and infantry, while keeping the anti-air ability of the classic Rifleman. Elite Riflemen carry more than double the hitpoints and dish out 20x more damage than their original Rifleman brothers (see below for full stats).

Coming Thursday, January 26 to Thunder Run and Days of Valor!

Often too humble to brag of their accomplishments, elite forces carry themselves with gruff wisdom and fiery determination. Photo: SSgt. Darron Salzer, First Army Division East

Combat stats at Level 1 and max Level

Look for Elite Rifleman Blueprints in the Event Prizes Store, coming this Thursday, January 26 at 1700 GMT!

Firestrike: Resource Balance Update

We are thrilled to see advanced players hitting TOC Level 10 and beyond already in Firestrike!

As the game evolves, the design team is working to ensure combat is fun and rewarding, and to smooth out the flow of upgrades. We’d like all players to feel like they can make progress in Firestrike, growing power every day with every upgrade, at an appropriate level of challenge.

Recently, we noticed that players have been advancing more quickly in building upgrades than in unit levels. We think this might be because building-related features like security teams have more visible benefits than unit level upgrades. However, unit level upgrades are very important as you advance to face higher-level enemies with stronger defense. Players with higher-level units will find it easier to gather the resources they need for critical upgrades.

To help even out the balance between buildings and research, and to increase rewarding combat activity, we are applying the following adjustments (changes take effect today, January 24):

  • Supply, Fuel, and Hardware Depots now hold up to 33% more resources.
  • Unit unlocks and research now cost 33% less resources than before
  • Building level upgrades now cost 33% more resources than before

Note: in terms of overall resource budget, the last two changes cancel each other out. Fully upgrading your base at any TOC level will not take any more or less resources than before.

To repeat, these changes are designed to shift some investment away from building levels and towards unit levels, giving players a boost on offense. There is not a net increase in resource costs, which we know are already a significant blocking factor in player progress.

Looking Forward

Here are other topics the design team is working on for the future (plans subject to change at any time):

  • Checking the power/challenge balance for the Firestorm special event and the Stinger Gunner special unit
  • Creating more battle targets for higher-level players

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M109 Paladin

Real-world inspiration for one of the most popular units in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

An Army M109A6 Paladin is the first military vehicle from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based in Fort Carson, Colorado, to be loaded onto a railcar for shipment to Poland at the port in Bremerhaven, Germany, Jan. 7, 2017. 3-4 ABCT’s arrival marks the start of back-to-back rotations of armored brigades in Europe as part of Atlantic Resolve. The vehicles and equipment, totaling more than 2,700 pieces, will be shipped to Poland for certification before deploying across Europe for use in training with partner nations. This rotation will enhance deterrence capabilities in the region, improve the U.S. ability to respond to potential crises and defend allies and partners in the European community. (Text: U.S. Army / Photo: Ssgt. Micah VanDyke)

What’s your favorite memory of battling with the M109? Let us know by posting a comment on the Thunder Run or Days of Valor Facebook page!

Firestrike: Firestorm Special Event

Experience the first weekly special event in Firestrike!


Weapons dealer John Hamilton returns to Gundar in a one-week scramble to defeat Single-Player and Multiplayer Map bases before time runs out.

Each of Hamilton’s special-event bases gives Prize Tokens which can be redeemed in the Store for exclusive rare items. Prize Tokens will only be available until the end of the event, January 26!

Prizes include the previously-announced Stinger Gunner for TOC Level 4-7 players and a Battalion Speed bonus item for all players.

Already above TOC Level 7? Stay tuned, we’ll have more high-level events and powerful prize items designed for you soon!

Prize Tip

During the Single-Player sequence, the 8th and final base gives much more Prize Tokens than earlier bases.

You can see the exact Prize Token reward amounts for upcoming Single-Player bases on the “progress” screen after conquering each base.

For veterans of Thunder Run and Days of Valor, please note the following differences in the Firestorm event system:

  • The difficulty level of this event is TOC Level 4 from beginning to end. It does not ramp from low to high level.
  • The Single-Player portion of the event can be played more than once. After the final stage is defeated, it resets back to the first stage, and can be fought again for more Prize Tokens.
  • Prize Token amounts are “back-loaded” – the final stage of the Single-Player event gives a very large amount of Tokens relative to the others. This rewards players for fighting through all the levels.

Double Hardware this Week (TR/DV)

This week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

200% Hardware Loot

Defeat this week’s featured Single-Player enemy (TR: Ambush / DV: Guerilla), plus Mandel’s camps on the Multiplayer Map, for double the normal amount of Hardware loot.

Hurry – extra Hardware available only until Thursday, January 26!

Hardware Prizes

Use your Hardware to take advantage of new limited-time offers available only this week in the Hardware Prizes store:

  • FASCAM Turret
  • M77 Howitzer
  • HEL Laser Turret
  • M45 Quadmount Turret
  • C-RAM Air Defense Turret
  • … and rare unit blueprints!

Level-based Looting in Firestrike

Some Firestrike players have been asking why a higher-level player gets less loot from attacking a lower-level opponent.

In order to level the playing field for newer commanders, Firestrike applies a penalty to loot available when attacking a lower-level enemy. For each TOC level below the attacker, loot is reduced to 66% of the original amount. (note: the defender still loses the full amount of resources; this reduction happens after the resources leave the defender’s destroyed buildings).

We’ve always had this loot adjustment since the launch of Firestrike; it’s not a new update. This post is intended only to explain the loot numbers players are currently seeing.

Firestrike Loot Adjustment Table
Defender’s TOC Level Loot Available
Any level above attacker 100%
Same as attacker 100%
1 level below attacker 66%
2 levels below attacker 44%
3 levels below attacker 29%
4 levels below attacker 19%

The specific numbers are subject to change as the game grows and we learn more about how players interact.

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Firestrike: Stinger Gunner

New special unit available available January 19 at 1700GMT in Firestrike!

DoD photo by Lance Cpl. Manuel Valdez, U.S. Marine Corps.

The Stinger Gunner is far more effective against air units and buildings than the standard Rifleman, while sacrificing some anti-armor ability. It’s designed for players at TOC Level 4-6, although remains viable into TOC Level 7.

The Stinger Gunner can be unlocked during the upcoming special event week, and has 39 upgrade levels. See below for combat stats at Level 1 and max level.