Days of Valor: Hardware Loot Shift Update

New today in Days of Valor:

  • In Single-Player bases and AI-controlled camps, 35% of the total Hardware loot now comes from destroying the TOC.
  • Destroying all Hardware Depots, but leaving the TOC standing, will give only 65% of the total available Hardware.
  • A bug affecting the previous Hardware loot shift has been fixed.

These changes are intended to solve the problem where players attack AI camps on the map, destroy Hardware Depots/Yards, but leave the TOC untouched, preventing fresh new camps from spawning.

Players who want to loot all available Hardware must destroy the TOC, which will cause the camp to disappear and be replaced by a fresh new copy elsewhere on the map.

We’re gathering feedback on this change for possible future deployment into other games.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Mars Frontier: End of Season 7 Alliance Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Mars Frontier end of Season 7 Alliance Tournament!

1) Masters Clan with 87952 points
Winners receive 1,000 Alloy each:

  • KyLLeR L46 with 31057 points
  • Valentin L46 with 21394 points
  • WikedFury L39 with 20617 points
  • princexxxxxxxxx L46 with 17072 points
  • MOOSIiIiIiI L41 with 15570 points
  • ALGERIANO L39 with 11067 points
  • Phoenix L40 with 10836 points
  • LOVERBOY6969 L44 with 10702 points
  • Dana L43 with 8227 points
  • Knight-Mare L43 with 7466 points

2) TOGETHER FOREVER with 73038 points
Winners receive 500 Alloy each:

  • Faruk L57 with 34108 points
  • yağmur L40 with 14830 points
  • Zahter L39 with 13775 points
  • halis L41 with 11727 points
  • E-A-R-T-H=QUAKE L41 with 11722 points
  • Nıcola L39 with 8453 points
  • THEANIMAL L44 with 8184 points
  • rüzgar L39 with 8092 points
  • Haluk L44 with 7832 points
  • ROMPECULOSSSSSS L39 with 6695 points

3) PHOENIX ROMANIA with 14269 points
Winners receive 300 Alloy each:

  • GhostRider L42 with 9500 points
  • Marius L40 with 4667 points
  • Nina L39 with 3152 points
  • Rolly L37 with 3143 points
  • De Trefla L39 with 3129 points
  • 6-FLO-9 L39 with 2130 points
  • Lucian L41 with 1500 points
  • Ovi L42 with 286 points
  • IronMonkey L42 with 199 points
  • Marcel L42 with 164 points

Stay tuned for more tournaments in the future, and good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike: Insider Special Event


Welcome to the sixth special event in Firestrike!

Rogue CIA Agent Springer returns to Gundar in a one-week scramble to defeat Single-Player and Multiplayer Map bases before time runs out.

Each of Springer’s special-event bases gives Prize Tokens which can be redeemed in the Store for exclusive rare items. Prize Tokens will only be available until the end of the event, July 27!

New Prizes

For high TOC level players, this event brings the KP-SAM Gunner to Firestrike. This new infantry unit plays a similar role as the Stinger Gunner, but with greater HP and DPS than any core unit available up to TOC Level 15. Click below for full stats:

In addition, all players can use Prize Tokens to unlock stronger upgradable building stats or access any previously-released blueprints.

Special Event Structure

The Insider event follows the same pattern as the last few events.

Enemy bases are available at four difficulty levels: Bronze (TOC L4), Silver (TOC L7), Gold (TOC L10), and Emerald (TOC L13). Players may attack any event base within +/- 3 levels of their own TOC level.

Regardless of TOC level, senior Clanmates can help boost their lower-level allies by conquering and holding Clan Logistics Quarries to raise the Clan-wide Prize Token bonus.

For example, by owning 2x Size XI and 3x Size VII Logistics Centers, with upgrades applied, all Clanmates will earn 10.5% more Prize Tokens for each victory. This means a base that would normally give 100 Prize Tokens now gives 111 Prize Tokens, letting your whole Clan earn event rewards in less time!

Notes and Tips

During the Single-Player sequence, the 8th and final base gives many more Prize Tokens than earlier bases.

You can see the exact Prize Token reward amounts for upcoming Single-Player bases on the “progress” screen after conquering each base.

We’re eager to hear your feedback – please join the discussion in Clan HQ!

Thunder Run: End of Season 6 Clan Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Thunder Run end of Season 6 Clan Tournament!

1) Wheres The Rent with 15955 points
Winners receive 1,000 Gold each:

  • Intimidator L60 with 5403 points
  • PornStar L57 with 5275 points
  • BeckhamLim L55 with 3636 points
  • GEN. RentCollector L55 with 3146 points
  • GEN. paroo-777 L55 with 1734 points
  • Josh L51 with 1487 points
  • LTG. KILLBILL L49 with 1455 points
  • Special-Forces L39 with 1359 points
  • LIFEjr L52 with 1351 points
  • GEN. SWEET L52 with 1277 points

2) OPLAN TOKHANG PH with 8988 points
Winners receive 500 Gold each:

  • GEN. battousai L60 with 5156 points
  • LT. OV-10Bronco L60 with 2503 points
  • NoSurrender L60 with 2191 points
  • scarecrow L58 with 1639 points
  • SGT. Maus L44 with 869 points
  • LTG. BoyKalawit L47 with 628 points
  • GEN. Uchiha L54 with 596 points
  • Destroyer L46 with 551 points
  • nhel L47 with 515 points
  • GEN. Astig L60 with 481 points

3) Punishment and Pain with 7414 points
Winners receive 300 Gold each:

  • Steve L47 with 2329 points
  • GEN. T-Bone L60 with 2259 points
  • Craig L31 with 2175 points
  • GEN. Bomber L50 with 2002 points
  • GEN. FIRE L53 with 1353 points
  • SUICIDA L50 with 910 points
  • LTC. MAJ-Nabuco L36 with 825 points
  • David L27 with 823 points
  • COL. Totalwar L39 with 484 points
  • Winston L30 with 476 points

Stay tuned for more tournaments in the future, and good hunting, Commanders!

Mars Frontier Season 8 News

This week Mars Frontier features an Alliance Tournament, followed by the opening of Season 8!

Season 7 Finale Tournament

From July 13-20, rally your Alliance and head to the regional map for your chance to be the strongest Alliance of Season 7!

Tournament ends on July 20th, 2017 at 1700 GMT, at which point winners will be announced, prizes awarded, and leaderboards will be reset for the new season.

Season 8 Opens: July 20

Season 8 will begin immediately after the end of the tournament. The following changes are planned:

  • Four old maps will be retired: Outlands 4, 8, 9, and 16.
  • One new map will be opened: Lowlands 2.
  • PvP point win/loss amounts will be made equal across all maps. (the PvP point bonuses in specific maps will be removed).

Good hunting, Commanders!

Unit Stat Improvements

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Unit Stat Upgrades

  • The Elite OH-58 and Elite Rifleman now feature individually-upgradable Health and Damage stats, similar to other elite units.
  • All Infantry with upgradable Health and Damage stats can now have those stats upgraded to Level 6, for a +20% bonus above the base strength.
    • These Level 6 stat upgrades require Unit Stat Blueprints, available for ONP in a new section of the Event Prizes store.

Other Unit Improvements

  • The Elite Rifleman, BMP-1, and MQ-8B now have 10% greater HP at all levels.
    • This is in addition to the 10% HP already added to these units in the June 29 update.
  • The Elite BMP-1 now has 50-80% greater HP at all levels.
  • The BMP-1 now features stronger security teams at Level 10 and above:
    • Level 10: Combat Engineer added to the security team
    • Levels 13-15: Sapper is now the security team, instead of Combat Engineer
  • (Thunder Run only): The Elite MQ-8B gains 30-50% greater HP at all levels (now matching this unit’s current stats in DoV).

Good hunting, Commanders!

Thunder Run: End of Season 6 Clan Tournament Update (24 Hour Warning!)

There’s only 24 hours left in the Thunder Run end of Season 6 Clan Tournament!

At this point in the tournament, Wheres The Rent are in the lead with 14,241 points. OPLAN TOKHANG PH are in 2nd with 8,776 points, and xXnew mapXx are rounding out the top 3 with 4,283 points.

Important Notes

  • If you plan to change Clans before the tournament ends, you may do so, but don’t wait until the very last minute. Please join your final tournament Clan at least one hour before the tournament ends (1600 GMT). This will ensure that points are credited to the proper Clans.
  • For similar reasons, if you plan to change Clans after the tournament, please stay in your tournament Clan for at least one hour after the tournament ends (1800 GMT).

Season 7 Opens: July 13

Season 7 will begin immediately after the end of the tournament. The following changes are planned for Season 7:

  • The “shark tank” level at which players can be attacked by anyone will rise from Level 33 to Level 39. This change gives Level 36-38 players protection against attacks from higher-level enemies.
  • Two new maps, Maps 608 and 609, will open to all players.
  • Four older maps will be retired: Maps 203, 206, 223, and 225.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Days of Valor: Quarry Turrets Now Upgradable

New this week in Days of Valor:

Inside of quarries, MG Towers, Mortar Emplacements, and TOW Emplacements can now be upgraded to bolster defenses.

The maximum upgrade level depends on the size of the quarry, as follows:

  • Small (S) Quarries: MG Tower L4, Mortar Emplacement L4
  • Medium (M) Quarries: MG Tower L6, Mortar Emplacement L6
  • Large (L) Quarries: MG Tower L8, Mortar Emplacement L8, TOW Emplacement L2
  • Extra-Large (XL) Quarries: MG Tower L10, Mortar Emplacement L10, TOW Emplacement L4

Good hunting, Commanders!