Patch Note: August 19, 2016

Minor updates today:

  • When your Warehouse contains more than one stack of the same type of missile, the smallest stack will now be used up first, before drawing from larger stacks. This should help use Warehouse slots more efficiently.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the Battalion management GUI

Patch Note: July 27, 2016

Thunder Run: War of Clans:

  • The Elite Ka-50, Elite TOS-1A, Elite T-90, Elite BMP-1, Elite MSTA, and Elite Mi-24D now have 20-100% higher combat stats and take 20-30% less time to repair.
  • The Combat Engineer, Sapper, Truck Bomb, Elite Truck Bomb, Ka-50, MSTA, BMP-1, Mi-24D, T-90, and TOS-1A now take 20-50% less time to repair.

Days of Valor:

  • BRDM-3, Elite BRDM-3, BMP-1, Elite HZ-9, and MQ-8B now have 100% higher HP, plus upgrades from Level 2 now have lower Maintenance Bay and Maintenance Hangar requirements.