TR: Cyclops ONP Loot Competition

This week the Cyclops event in Thunder Run features the FIRST EVER ONP Loot Competition!

A Message From Cyclops

“As a child, during one of the very first Clan Tournaments on Gundar, I lost both of my parents and my left eye. Left for dead, I swore an oath for vengeance upon my attackers and their families. I’ve repaid my blood promise in the years that followed, but it’s not over yet.

Now, trained as a weapon my whole life, it is time for me to rebuild my lost Empire. Following the recent development of the new Elite Stryker announced by intelligence earlier this morning, I have returned to the lawless lands of Gundar to quench my bloodthirst once again. Born in battle, I am the consummate conquerer. I give no quarter, no mercy, and no chance for escape. With the new Elite Stryker by my side, I will mine the entirety of Gundar for all of it’s ONP, so that I may amass an army of Elite Strykers big enough to conquer the entire World.

Defeat my forces, and the spoils shall be revealed. Fail, and you shall perish beneath my deadly gaze.”

ONP Loot Competition Details

From September 21st – 28th, complete the Cyclops event and Cyclops Bases on the Regional Map to earn ONP. The top 3 players to loot the most ONP throughout the event will be awarded 2000, 1000, or 600 gold respectively.

Competition ends on September 28th, 2017 at 1700 GMT, at which point winners will be announced, and prizes awarded.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Elite Styker, New Unit Improvements – September 21 Update

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Elite Stryker

Unlock the latest new unit to power your mobile battalions! The Elite Stryker has undergone DVH and ECP upgrade programs, adding thicker Double V-Hull protective armor and a new 450-horsepower engine for greater mobility. Plus, stronger surface-to-surface firepower rounds it out as a superior light armored vehicle.

Stats for Levels 1 and 15 below:

Thunder Run Elite Stryker Unit Stats

Unit Improvements

Several other units gain more defensive toughness this week:

  • Elite Rifleman now has 45%+ more HP at all levels
  • Elite OH-58 now has 20-22% more HP at all levels
  • BRDM-3 now has 20-25% more HP at all levels
  • Truck Bomb now has 15-20% more HP at all levels
  • MQ-8B now has 9-16% more HP at all levels

Good hunting, Commanders!

Convert ONP to Hardware – September 7 Update

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Got extra ONP that you can’t spend this week?

After a successful test run in DoV, the option to convert ONP into Hardware in the Event Prizes Store returns in both games.

Just look for the “Hardware” category at the far right-hand side of Event Prizes:

Convert ONP to Hardware

The conversion rate is 2 Hardware per ONP, which is the same rate you get from Obsolete ONP after the event week is over. (As before, after the end of this event, any ONP in your Warehouse will automatically convert into Obsolete ONP, which can still be traded in for Hardware at the 2:1 rate).

Good hunting, Commanders!

New Landmine Levels – August 31 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Landmine Upgrades

The following new upgrades are now available:

  • Weapons Lab now upgrades to Level 14
  • Weapons Factory now upgrades to Level 14
  • Anti-Armor Mine now upgrades to Level 16
    • Damage: 16,000 / Splash Range: 390
  • Anti-Air Mine now upgrades to Level 16
    • Damage: 475 / Splash Range: 430

Technical Updates

  • Fixed a rare glitch that could cause daily login rewards to reset incorrectly.
  • DoV: Level 3 Security Teams that trigger when enemy units approach a building will now also be triggered if the protected building takes damage. This means the security team is guaranteed to deploy even if the attacker damages the building from long range.

TR: Clan Membership History

New this week in Thunder Run:

  • Any player’s Clan membership history can now be viewed using the new “Clan History” page on the Player Info menu.
    • Membership history is complete dating back to April 2015. Earlier membership data is not available.
    • Note: If a Clan had different names/tags over time, the membership may be listed as the Clan’s present name/tag, rather than the historical name/tag the Clan had back when the event took place. This is fixed for membership events starting mid-August 2017, which will list both the Clan’s historical and present name/tag.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Event Prize Sale and Unit Improvements – August 24 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Event Prizes Sale

Many unit and turret weapon blueprints are on sale for 20-50% off the normal ONP price, this week only!

Sale items include:

  • MG Tower, Mortar, and TOW Emplacement L11+ Blueprints
  • BMP-1, MSTA, MQ-8B, HZ-9, Combat Engineer, and Mi-24 Hind Blueprints
  • Elite BMP-1, Elite MQ-8B, Elite HZ-9 Blueprints
  • And more – check your Store -> Event Prizes menu for details

Unit Improvements

The following units now have 20% greater HP at all levels:

  • Elite Rifleman
  • Elite OH-58
  • MQ-8B
  • BMP-1

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Double Hardware Loot and New Prizes – August 17 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run:

Double Hardware Loot

  • This week only: Earn twice the normal amount of Hardware loot from Giancarlo’s Merchant Single Player bases and Berkman’s camps on the Multiplayer map.

Hardware Prizes: Blueprints and More

  • Check the Hardware Prizes Store for new Hardware offers this week, including:
    • Turret Weapon Blueprints Levels 13-14 and 15-16
      • MG Tower
      • Mortar Emplacement
      • TOW Emplacement
    • Special Unit Blueprints
      • BMP-1
      • T-90
      • MQ-8B
      • MSTA
      • Mi-24 Hind
      • TOS-1A
    • Elite Unit Blueprints
      • Elite T-90
      • Elite BTR-90
      • Elite Ka-50
      • Elite Mi-24 Hind
      • Elite TOS-1A

Good hunting, Commanders!