More Hardware Loot & TOC Officer Improvements

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

More Hardware Loot

This week’s Ambush! enemy (Single Player only) features larger and more frequent Hardware loot than before.

TOC Officer Cost Reduction

The Hardware cost to upgrade TOC Leaders between Levels 1-20 has been reduced by 33%.

TOC Officer L21+ Trade-Ins

Level 21+ TOC Leaders can now be traded in for a partial return of the Hardware used to upgrade them.

Didn’t get the type of TOC Leader you were hoping for in the L20->L21 upgrade step, when bonus stats are randomized? Trade in the unwanted Leader! Move him into your Warehouse, click his icon, and use the “Trade In” option.

The amount of Hardware you will get for the trade-in appears at the bottom of the information tooltip on the TOC Leader item.


  • TOC Leaders can only be traded in at Level 21 and higher. Level 20 and below are not eligible for trade-in.
  • The amount of Hardware returned is limited by your Hardware Depot storage space. Any returned Hardware that does not fit in your Depot storage will be lost – so check your Depots before trading!

Good hunting, Commanders!

Event Prizes Sale and Unit Improvements

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Event Prizes Sale

  • Many unit and turret weapon blueprints are on sale for 20-50% off the normal ONP price, this week only!

Unit Improvements

  • The Elite Rifleman, BMP-1, and HZ-9 now have 20-30% higher HP at all levels.

Technical Fixes

  • Recalled battalions are now able to enter your home base even while you are in combat elsewhere. Previously, a recalled battalion could get left outside next to your base until the end of the current battle.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Thunder Run: Mid-Season PvP Updates & Camp Kill Point Tournament

Thunder Run: Mid-Season PvP Updates & Camp Kill Point Tournament

Important updates for PvP in Thunder Run are here, along with an exciting new in-game tournament starting TODAY, March 30th:

PvP Level Limit Change

Starting today, the level at which players become attackable by any higher-level player, also known as the “shark tank” level, is raised from Level 33 to Level 36.

This change is intended to give newer players a little bit more time to catch up to our Level 39+ veterans.

Note: this change affects Thunder Run only, not DoV, where the “shark tank” remains at Level 30 for now.

Camp Kill Point Tournament

To celebrate the “shark tank” level restriction changes, the week of March 30 – April 6 will feature a Camp Kill Point Tournament, wherein Clans will compete to destroy more of Gashi’s bases on the Multiplayer Map to win Gold prizes – and bragging rights! Be one of the top clans to win between 3,000-10,000 gold divided evenly among the top 10 members of your clan. Tournament ends on April 6th, 2017, at which point winners will be announced, and the next exciting PvP update will go live…

Map Changes: New Regions In, Old Regions Out

As of April 6, we’ll be opening two new Thunder Run regions with anti-alt rules: Maps 606 and 607.

At the same time, the following old regions will be retired: Maps 205, 217, 218, and 226.

Get out there and start raking in those Gashi Camp Kill Points! Good hunting, Commanders!

Double ONP and Leader Updates

Double ONP and Leader Updates

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Bonus ONP

This week only, receive twice the usual amount of ONP from defeating special event enemies Syndicate (TR) and Scorpion (DV). Use ONP to unlock powerful blueprints and items under Store → Event Prizes!

Leader Item Updates

Many Level 2 and Level 3 leaders now carry more powerful security teams and other bonus stats:

  • Alpha Force: Level 2 Academy, Airfield, Barracks leaders
  • Bravo Force: Level 2 and Level 3 Turret Emplacement leaders
  • Charlie Force: Level 2 Supply Yard leaders
  • Delta Force: Level 3 Turret Emplacement leaders
  • Echo Force: Level 2 Academy Research and Level 2-3 Barracks Repair leaders
  • Foxtrot Force: Level 2 Motor Pool Repair leader
  • Hotel Force: Level 2 Fuel Yard leaders
  • India Force: Level 2 Fuel and Supply Depot leaders
  • Juliett Force: Level 2 Generator leader
  • Kilo Force: Level 2 Transmitter leader

Check the Store → Event Prizes menu and also your Leader Barracks menus for detailed stats on each leader.

For new players, here is our guide for how to upgrade leaders to Level 2 and higher:

Leader Upgrade Guide | Battlehouse Forums

Technical Updates

  • Players are no longer allowed to make attacks against battalions and quarries controlled by their own alt accounts.
  • The “Post Screenshot” button is fixed now. It was temporarily broken earlier this week due to a Facebook bug.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Landmine Improvements

Landmine Improvements

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Improved Landmines
  • All Mines now have 10% more range at Level 10 and higher (both trigger radius and explosion splash range have increased)
  • Anti Armor Mines L11+ now have increased damage by up to 20%
  • Reduced upgrade costs by up to 20% on Anti-Infantry Mines L13+, Anti-Armor Mines L10+, and Anti-Air Mines L9+

Good hunting, Commanders!

A Marine attached to Basic Combat Engineer course 6-16 places a Claymore anti-personnel mine.

Elite Rifleman Equipment and Blueprint Sale – Thunder Run

Elite Rifleman Equipment and Blueprint Sale – Thunder Run

New this week in Thunder Run:

Elite Rifleman Equipment

  • Ballistic Armor, AP Ammunition, and Laser Sights are now available for the Elite Rifleman.
    Check Event Prizes → Unit Equipment for details.

Blueprint Sale

This week only, the following blueprints are on sale for 50-75% fewer ONP in the Event Prizes Store:

  • Infantry
    • Combat Engineer
    • Sapper
  • Armor
    • Truck Bomb and Elite Truck Bomb
    • BMP-1 and Elite BMP-1
    • MSTA and Elite MSTA
    • Elite BTR-90
    • Elite BRDM-3
  • Aircraft
    • MQ-8B and Elite MQ-8B
    • HZ-9 and Elite HZ-9
    • Ka-50
    • Mi-24D

Sale ends when the Event Prizes store closes on March 18 at 17:00 GMT.

Patch Notes

Technical updates taking effect this week:

  • When relocating your base within the same map, you are now guaranteed to move at least 3 hexes away from your current location. Previously, there was a chance you could get unlucky and be “moved” only a single hex.
  • The 30-minute temporary Rifleman Damage, Range, and Speed boost items now affect Elite Riflemen as well.
    • Note: permanent AP Ammunition, Laser Sights, and Ballistic Armor items are different for regular Riflemen and Elite Rifleman. This follows the same pattern as other Elite unit equipment.
  • A code problem that sometimes caused players to see a “white screen” error on login has been fixed.
  • A technical problem that sometimes caused Internet Explorer users to disconnect after the end of a battle has been fixed.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Turret Improvements

Turret Improvements

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Improved turrets
  • C-RAM, M45 Quadmount, and FASCAM weapons now have more damage and range at all upgrade levels. (specific boost amounts vary by level, but are around 10%).

This change is designed to raise the power of these rare blueprint-based turrets to better match the difficulty of obtaining them.

Check the Hardware Prizes store to obtain blueprints for these turrets, plus other powerful weaponry!