TR: New Level 4 Leaders, More Warlord Loot – April 19 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run:

This week, two new Level 4 leader teams are available:

  • Golf Force leaders that boost aircraft repair, training, and research speeds, plus
  • Hotel Force leaders that defend and boost Fuel Yards

To get started upgrading your leaders, check out the complete guide to high-level leaders on the Battlehouse forums.

Special Event Loot Boost

This week only, receive double the usual ONP from Single-Player bases in the Warlord event.

Plus, earn 40% more Fuel/Supply and 25% more ONP from Warlord Bangoi’s Map bases.

Bonus loot ends Thursday, April 26!

Warlord Single-Player Bases

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Warlord L1 1,000
Warlord L2 1,200
Warlord L3 1,400
Warlord L4 1,600
Warlord L5 1,800
Warlord L6 2,000
Warlord L7 2,200
Warlord L8 2,400
Warlord L9 2,800
Warlord L10 3,200
Warlord L11 3,600
Warlord L12 4,000
Warlord L13 4,400
Warlord L14 4,800
Warlord L15 5,200
Warlord L16 5,600
Warlord L17 6,400
Warlord L18 7,200
Warlord L19 8,000
Warlord L20 8,800
Warlord L21 9,600
Warlord L22 10,400
Warlord L23 11,200
Warlord L24 12,000
Warlord L25 13,000
Warlord L26 14,000
Warlord L27 15,000
Warlord L28 16,000
Warlord L29 17,000
Warlord L30 20,000
Warlord L31 24,000
Warlord L32 30,000
Total 269,800

Warlord Map Bases

Map Base Level ONP Loot
Warlord L26 11,000
Warlord L30 17,500
Warlord L34 27,000
Warlord L38 34,000
Warlord L42 44,000
Warlord L46 55,000

Good hunting, commanders!

Coming Soon: Heavy Anti-Tank Mines

IMPORTANT NOTE: We apologize for the premature announcement made this morning in Thunder Run and Days of Valor regarding the new release of Heavy Anti-Tank Mines. Rest assured, the following will be coming sometime in the next couple weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

~Battlehouse Community

Coming Soon: New Landmine Type

Gundar arms industries have developed a new Heavy Anti-Tank Mine that will only detonate when approached by the heaviest ground vehicles.

Unlike the standard Anti-Tank Mine, this heavy version cannot be triggered prematurely by light vehicles such as HMMWVs or Strykers.

To unlock the new mines, visit your local Weapons Lab and open the Unlock & Upgrade Menu!

Vehicle Classification

To check whether a unit will trigger Heavy Anti-Tank Mines, check for the word “Light” or “Heavy” under the unit’s name in the Army → Train menu. Light units will not set off Heavy Anti-Tank Mines, but heavy units will.

Light Armor Heavy Armor
M1064A3 Mortar
Stryker ICV (Normal & Elite)
Gaz Tigr (Normal & Elite)
BTR-90 (Normal & Elite)
BRDM-3 (Normal & Elite)
Truck Bomb (Normal & Elite)
M109 Paladin
M2 Bradley
M1 Abrams
BMP-1 (Normal & Elite)
TOS-1A (Normal & Elite)
MSTA (Normal & Elite)
T-90 (Normal & Elite)
DoV Units:
M4A1 Mortar
M8 Greyhound
SdKfz 234 (Normal & Elite)
DoV Units:
M4A2 Sherman
M26 Pershing
Panzer IV (Normal & Elite)

Good hunting, Commanders!

End of Season 9 Tournament Winners (Thunder Run)

The Thunder Run End of Season Clan Tournament has finished, and Season 10 is now Live!

Thunder Run Season 9 Tournament Winners

  • Wheres The Rent – 9,108 Points
    • Dominater L44 with 5061 points
    • Yanis L39 with 3010 points
    • Islam L39 with 2428 points
    • COL. GrimPeaper666 L38 with 1259 points
    • Intimidator L65 with 1128 points
    • COL. Robert1914 L39 with 1118 points
    • LIFEjr L57 with 528 points
    • GEN. boneman L60 with 444 points
    • Teresa L53 with 408 points
    • Anshul L60 with 407 points
  • WHAT WE DO 4 FUN – 6,535 Points
    • MAJ. Dontpickonme L34 with 2896 points
    • GeneralToto L39 with 1141 points
    • =-I-SEE-YOU-= L39 with 1074 points
    • ☻-=WILLIAM=-☻ L42 with 1041 points
    • BG. Apocalypse9 L43 with 817 points
    • -=BABY-GROOT=- L36 with 784 points
    • BIGGPAPPAPETE L39 with 693 points
    • MAJ. STALWART—1 L32 with 671 points
    • BABYHAWK L39 with 669 points
    • MRTICKLES L58 with 632 points
  • BORDER SECURITY FORCE – 6,391 Points
    • COL. Kajal L39 with 1889 points
    • KingCobraa L37 with 1638 points
    • GEN. Sandy L53 with 1477 points
    • LT. ااااا L39 with 1182 points
    • Kashish L36 with 1017 points
    • BG. Bhaiyaji L42 with 844 points
    • –prince– L38 with 680 points
    • Mohamed L33 with 657 points
    • COL. Hayabusa L39 with 651 points
    • Bhargav L31 with 570 points

Read more about all the exciting game changes that are taking place this season HERE.

Nomad Event Update – April 5 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run:

Nomad Loot Increase

This week only, receive double the normal amount of ONP from Single-Player bases in the Nomad event. Bonus loot ends Thursday, April 12!

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Nomad L1 4,000
Nomad L2 4,400
Nomad L3 4,800
Nomad L4 5,200
Nomad L5 5,600
Nomad L6 6,000
Nomad L7 6,400
Nomad L8 6,800
Nomad L9 7,600
Nomad L10 8,000
Nomad L11 8,400
Nomad L12 8,800
Nomad L13 9,200
Nomad L14 9,600
Nomad L15 10,000
Nomad L16 10,400
Nomad L17 11,000
Nomad L18 13,000
Nomad L19 15,000
Nomad L20 17,000
Nomad L21 19,000
Nomad L22 21,000
Nomad L23 23,000
Nomad L24 25,000
Nomad L25 26,000
Nomad L26 27,000
Nomad L27 28,000
Nomad L28 29,000
Nomad L29 30,000
Nomad L30 31,000
Nomad L31 32,000
Nomad L32 33,000
Total 495,200

Good hunting, Commanders!

New Season Game Updates – April 5 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

New Seasons

Welcome to Season 10 in Thunder Run and Season 6 in Days of Valor!

To recap, the game updates taking effect this season include:

  • In maps where Auto-Resolve is available, this option can no longer be used against battalions that have more than 25% of the unit space of the attacking battalion(s), counting living units only. 💡
  • In maps where PvP points are active, it is now possible to gain (or lose) PvP points again from the same defender as soon as 6 hours after the last attack, assuming they are not bubbled. 🎖
    • Please note this change has nothing to do with the damage protection system – there are NO changes to the rules or durations of DP Bubbles.
  • Achievements related to the Fanatic (TR) and Spearhead (DV) events have been moved into the “Legacy” category, because these events are currently retired from the live op rotation. 🚁
  • New battle music premieres this season. 🎶

Unit Improvements

Three units receive stat boosts this week:

  • MSTA: 20-30% greater HP at all levels
  • Elite MSTA: 20-30% greater HP at all levels
  • Elite MQ-8B: 20-30% greater HP at all levels

Good hunting, Commanders!

Want To Earn Exclusive In-Game Perks Livestreaming With Battlehouse?

Want to be a part of the Streaming Movement?

Now recruiting in Thunder Run:

Sign up with Battlehouse as part of our Streaming Partner Program and stream Battlehouse games to earn various in-game benefits!

For more information about how to set-up your stream and join the program, check out our guide: How To Become a Livestreamer

Thunder Run: End of Season 9 Clan Tournament

This week Thunder Run features an End of Season Clan Tournament, followed by the opening of Season 10!

Season Finale Tournament

From March 29th – April 5th, rally your Clan and head to the regional map for your chance to be the strongest Clan of Season 9!

Tournament ends on April 5th, 2018 at 1700 GMT, at which point winners will be announced, prizes awarded, and leaderboards will be reset for the new season.

New Season Opens: April 5th

The new season will begin immediately after the end of the tournament. The following changes are planned:

Thunder Run (Season 10):

  • One new map will be added: Map 612 🚁
  • Some old maps will be retired: Maps 204, 209, 601, and 603 🌊
  • Auto-Resolve can no longer be used against battalions that have more than 25% of the unit space of the attacking battalion(s), counting living units only 💡
  • All players will be able to re-attack bases for PvP points every 6 hours 🎖 (in maps where PvP points are active)
  • New Battle Music 🎶

Good hunting, Commanders!

Thunder Run Community Livestream Later Tonight! – Macgyver7th, Episode #3

Join Professional YouTube personality MacGyver7th on his journey through the wargrounds of Thunder Run: War of Clans!

Livestream Details

  • Livestream starts at 03:30 GMT (8:30pm PST / 11:30pm EST)!
  • Livestream will be accessible via Macgyver7th’s YouTube and Twitch channel.
  • Battlehouse Community Manager will be taking player questions and feedback live in the stream comments.
    • Community Manager Note: Macgyver7th is still a n00b and could use your help! Please be patient with him while he navigates his way through his first skirmishes against Mr. Skilling and Red Pole.
  • We’ll be on Map 603 (come play with us!).

TR: Epidemic of Loot, Level 4 Echo and Foxtrot Leaders – March 22 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run:

More Loot!

In this week’s special event, all Epidemic single-player levels now give 75% more ONP loot.

Plus, on the map, all Harding bases are now packed with 75% more ONP loot and 50% more Fuel/Supply loot.

Earn up to 34,000 ONP, 2.3 million Fuel, and 2.3 million Supply from a full kill of a Harding L34 base!

Map Base Fuel/Supply Loot ONP Loot
Harding L26 1.2m/1.2m 16,000
Harding L30 1.95m/1.95m 25,000
Harding L34 2.32m/2.32m 34,000

New Level 4 Leader Teams

This week, two new Level 4 leader teams are available:

  • Echo Force leaders that boost infantry repair, training, and research speeds, plus
  • Foxtrot Force leaders that boost armor repair, training, and research speeds

The Level 4 upgrade provides greater speed boosts than ever before!

To get started upgrading your leaders, check out the complete guide to high-level leaders on the Battlehouse forums.

Level 4 leaders now feature eager security teams

Technical Update

  • Temporary boost items that apply to the OH-58 and Stryker now also apply to the Elite versions of these units, matching how other temporary boost items work.

Good hunting, commanders!

New Blast Shield Upgrades – March 15 Patch Notes

New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Blast Defense Upgrades

As of today, Blast Shields can now be raised to Level 6, granting a full 20% damage reduction from splash weapons.

These upgrades make all your blueprint-based units more survivable against splash-dealing defenses, including Mortar Emplacements and units like the TOS-1A.

To get started, open the Research menu for any blueprint-based unit, and upgrade the Blast Shield stat.

To see exactly which weapons this new Blast Shield protects you against, check for the “Blast” icon under “Weapon Type” on unit and turret Upgrade menus.

This icon means that the unit or turret deals “Blast” damage and is therefore affected by your upgraded Blast Shields.

Good hunting, Commanders!