Firestrike Turret Range Update

Firestrike Turret Range Update

It’s been a few weeks since the launch of Firestrike, and the design team has been poring over battle logs to check how power balance is working out. Commanders are generally achieving stronger results on defense than on offense, limiting the amount of combat and resource looting. In response, we are reducing the range of defensive turret weapons by 10-20% at all levels. (change takes effect today, 2017 January 14).

Battle tip: It is vital to expose your attacking units to as little turret fire as possible. Try to find a path into the enemy base that avoids taking hits from more than one turret at once.

Incidentally, each turret is designed to have the same firepower as five units, with similar upgrades. This is to compensate for the turrets’ lack of movement and targeting control.

Turret Stats Update (2017 January 14)

TOC Level Old Max Turret Range New Max Turret Range
Level 1 600 480
Level 2 600 480
Level 3 660 570
Level 4 720 660
Level 5 780 720
Level 6+ 840 780

(stat change applies to all turret levels unlocked at the TOC levels listed above)

Firestrike Trainee Rewards

Firestrike Trainee Rewards

Firestrike players who participate in the Mentorship Rewards program as a trainee will now receive more powerful daily gifts.

Once per day, Firestrike mentors can send each trainee a daily gift, which will now consist of 3x units of the strongest level the trainee has unlocked.

To become a trainee, ask any Firestrike player to send you their invite link (available by clicking “+Add” at the bottom of the game screen).

Mentors can still receive the same powerful rewards from their trainees as before, including shield items, Gold, and more. Click here to read the details.