Firestrike: New Map, Plus Turret Updates

Firestrike: New Map, Plus Turret Updates

New this week in Firestrike:

New Map

Map 301 is now active on! Players are invited to enter the new map starting today.

Note: Quarries will spawn in small numbers at first, then increase as more players move in. The number of Quarries will grow to track the player population.

Turret and Unit Diversity

To encourage more use of diverse turret and unit types, the differences between the “Damage vs.” strengths of turret weapons are now greater.

  • MG Turret: Was +15% vs. infantry and -15% vs. air, now +50% vs. infantry and -50% vs. air
  • Rocket Turret: Was +15% vs. armor and -15% vs. infantry, now +50% vs. armor and -50% vs. infantry
  • Flak Turret: Was +15% vs. air and -15% vs. armor, now +50% vs. air and -50% vs. armor

This means that you can build a customized army to maximize power and minimize losses against specific turret types you find in Single Player and Multiplayer battles. Plus, during upcoming AI attacks against your base, you can equip specific turret weapons to more easily defeat the attack waves.

Hint: Newly-spawned Quarries and certain Single Player enemies concentrate on one single type of unit or turret, making them vulnerable to a planned attack using the right unit type.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike Quarry Updates

Firestrike Quarry Updates

Major updates to the Quarry system are now active in Firestrike:

More Strength

  • All Quarry Yards now collect resources twice as fast as before
  • Clan Logistics bonuses for unit repair and Prize Tokens are now double the previous amounts, topping out at 8+% for Level 15 Quarries
  • Hardware Quarries are now available (but rare) at TOC Level 11 and up

More Upgrades

  • All Quarry Yards and Clan Logistics buildings can now be upgraded by up to 3 TOC levels. This includes Security Team upgrades as well.
  • For example, the Yards inside a Level 7 Quarry, which begin life at the minimum for TOC Level 7, can be upgraded up to the maximum Yard level allowed for TOC Level 10.

More Defenses

  • Turret Emplacements and Turret Weapons inside of Quarries can now be upgraded by up to 3 TOC levels. This includes Security Team upgrades as well.
  • In return for gaining upgradable weapons and security teams, Turret Emplacements can no longer be moved around inside of Quarries. (the ability to “stack” all Emplacements in a close group was making Quarries too hard to conquer).

New Quarry Names

  • The naming system for Quarries has changed. Quarries previously known as “Tier VII” will now called “Level 7” Quarries, and all other “Tiered” quarries will be renamed similarly.
  • To review, Quarries currently spawn at Levels 3, 7, 11, and 15. All Quarries can be upgraded by 3 TOC levels, so a fully upgraded Level 3 Quarry is equal in resource yield and defensive power to a Level 6 Quarry.

Note: As with any new feature, we are still adjusting balance factors like the power of Quarry upgrades and the lifetime duration of Quarries. We will monitor usage and make future updates as necessary.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike Prize Token Leaderboard, 2 Days to Go

Welcome to the final two days of the Insider event in Firestrike. Earn your Prize Tokens now, because the event will be ending in less than 48 hours!

Here are the latest player stats for the greatest number of Prize Tokens looted of each type. (updated 21:00 GMT Apr 4)

Note: The next event after Insider will feature a separate in-game leaderboard for each token type.

Emerald Tokens

Player Emerald Tokens Looted
bot1 L15 30,255
Ducky L15 6,671
chaos L12 565

Gold Tokens

Player Gold Tokens Looted
bot1 L15 18,080
chaos L12 14,943
Ragin Cajun L10 700
Jane L9 540

Silver Tokens

Player Silver Tokens Looted
oatmeal heals L8 22,366
Reaper L9 18,977
Dennis L9 18,455
SHELBY L10 18,200
Allen.435 L8 15,645

Bronze Tokens

Player Bronze Tokens Looted
LightNDark L7 22,900
Brady L8 20,712
Brice L7 17,250
Azis.527 L7 14,000

Firestrike Prize Token Leaderboard

Firestrike Prize Token Leaderboard

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and the ongoing special event in Firestrike!

We received feedback that the in-game “Tokens” leaderboard should differentiate between various types of Prize Tokens. It’s harder to earn an Emerald token than a Bronze token, so logically they should not be counted the same for leaderboard purposes.

We agree, and the next event after Insider will feature separate leaderboards for each token type.

There wasn’t time to deploy this feature for this event week, but in case you’re curious, here are the current standings (as of 22:30 GMT Apr 1). We’ll have a final update at the end of the event.

Emerald Tokens

Player Emerald Tokens Looted
bot1 L13 12,655
Ducky L14 774
chaos L12 189

Gold Tokens

Player Gold Tokens Looted
chaos L12 6,146
bot1 L14 6,080
Ragin Cajun L10 400
xxWOLVERINExx L9 250

Silver Tokens

Player Silver Tokens Looted
oatmeal heals L8 17,463
Dennis L8 14,455
n7 killjoy L9 12,220
Reaper L9 10,880
SHELBY L9 8,380

Bronze Tokens

Player Bronze Tokens Looted
LightNDark L7 15,500
VlaDiskI L6 14,000
Boots Braces L7 12,800
LOST L7 9,889
Archy L6 8,600

* By the way, to clear up any confusion, these leaderboards are not related to the Clan-based “Kill Point Tournaments” happening in other games (TR and DoV) this week. The current Firestrike event is not a Clan-based tournament, although you can receive Prize Token loot bonuses from your clanmates if they control Clan Logistics quarries.

Firestrike: Insider Special Event

Firestrike: Insider Special Event


Welcome to the third special event in Firestrike!

Rogue CIA Agent Springer returns to Gundar in a one-week scramble to defeat Single-Player and Multiplayer Map bases before time runs out.

Each of Springer’s special-event bases gives Prize Tokens which can be redeemed in the Store for exclusive rare items. Prize Tokens will only be available until the end of the event, April 6!

New Units

This event brings three new special units to Firestrike. All three are “role breakers” that have different offensive strengths than the normal ones for their infantry/armor/aircraft class. Click the individual links below for full stats on each unit:

In addition, all prizes from earlier event weeks have returned and can be obtained for the same Prize Token types as before.

New Clan Logistics Bonus

Starting this week, Clan Logistics Centers now give a Prize Token Loot Bonus to all Clanmates in the map.

For example, by owning 2x Size XI and 3x Size VII Logistics Centers, with upgrades applied, all Clanmates will earn 10.5% more Prize Tokens for each victory. This means a base that would normally give 100 Prize Tokens now gives 111 Prize Tokens, letting your whole Clan earn event rewards in less time!

New Special Event Levels

The Insider event is available at four difficulty levels: Bronze (TOC L4), Silver (TOC L7), Gold (TOC L10), and Emerald (TOC L13).

Players may attack any event base within +/- 3 levels of their own TOC level.

Regardless of TOC level, Senior Clanmates can help boost their lower-level allies by conquering and holding Clan Logistics Quarries to raise the Clan-wide Prize Token bonus.

Note: The +/- 3 level restriction is a change from earlier events. Previously, the lack of clarity about the intended difficulty of each event level caused some confusion, so we added this level-band restriction to focus players on the event content appropriate for their level.

Event Tips

Springer has a preference for helicopters and Rocket Turrets, both of which are strong against armor but weak against infantry. You’ll get better combat results if you bring infantry to this event.

During the Single-Player sequence, the 8th and final base gives many more Prize Tokens than earlier bases.

You can see the exact Prize Token reward amounts for upcoming Single-Player bases on the “progress” screen after conquering each base.

For veterans of Thunder Run and Days of Valor, please note the following differences in the Vengeance event system:

  • The Single-Player portion of the event can be played more than once. After the final stage is defeated, it resets back to the first stage, and can be fought again for more Prize Tokens.
  • Prize Token amounts are “back-loaded” – the final stage of the Single-Player event gives a very large amount of Tokens relative to the others. This rewards players for fighting through all the levels.

We’re eager to hear your feedback – please join the discussion in Clan HQ!

Firestrike: Quarries, Clan Logistics, and More

Firestrike: Quarries, Clan Logistics, and More

New this week in Firestrike:


Resource-giving Quarries are now available on the Multiplayer Map, and can be located using the “Find Target…” button. Conquer a Quarry to receive Supply, Fuel, or Hardware from the Yards within.

Quarries are available in three sizes: III, VII, and XI, corresponding to the power of TOC Levels 3, 7, and 11 respectively. Players may attack any Quarry whose size is within +/- 3 levels of their own TOC level.

Other than the quarry-size mechanics just mentioned, rules for Quarries are the same in Firestrike as they are in our other games. For example, the Yards inside of Quarries provide less resources than a regular home-base Yard, so the resource flow from owning one entire Quarry is roughly equal to one extra in-base Yard.

Clan Logistics

New and exclusive to Firestrike: Clan Logistics Quarries provide Clan-wide bonuses instead of resources.

Logistics Quarries are identified by a special green icon on the regional map.

Owning a Logistics Quarry provides Clan-wide bonuses. Currently, this takes the form of a unit production and repair speed bonus, but we plan to offer more bonuses in the future.

Clan-wide bonuses are refreshed hourly. At the top of the hour, all Clanmates in the same map of the quarry owner receive one hour of bonus. This continues as long as the Clan holds on to the quarry. Mouse over the bonus icon to see which quarries are contributing to your bonus stats.

In an exclusive first for Battlehouse games, Clan Logistics Centers can be upgraded inside the Quarry, to provide greater Clan bonuses and stronger security teams.

Full stats for the available upgrades can be viewed here: Clan Logistics Center | Firestrike Field Manual

Like other quarries, Clan Logistics bases have a limited lifetime and will eventually expire and disappear.

Look forward to more new and exciting Multiplayer Map content in the future!

Field Manual Updates

  • New “Power Tier” row shows what TOC Level each upgrade is for
  • New “# Buildable” row shows how many of each building can be constructed in your base
  • Buildings only available in Quarries are now listed, including Clan Logistics bonuses

Check it out here: Firestrike Field Manual

Turret Emplacement Update

  • TOC Level 10+ now allows 9 Turret Emplacements, and TOC Level 13+ now allows 10 Turret Emplacements

Full stats for the emplacement are available here: Turret Emplacement | Firestrike Field Manual

Please share your feedback with us by joining the discussion in Clan HQ or the forums!

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike Field Manual Now Available

Firestrike Field Manual Now Available

New this week in Firestrike:

Want to know how much DPS to expect on a Level 74 Machine Gunner? Or how fast a Level 10 Supply Yard operates?

We’re creating an on-line database of stats like damage, weapon range, and resource costs for all units, buildings, and tech in the game.

Check it out at this link: Firestrike Field Manual

This is an early test and the formatting of the information is rather basic. To let us know what we can do to make the Field Manual more useful, please join the discussion in Clan HQ or the forums.

The Field Manual is published in real-time from the same files that drive the game itself, so it will always reflect the latest updates.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike Patch Notes: March 3, 2017

Firestrike Patch Notes: March 3, 2017

Updates taking effect today in Firestrike:

Defense Power Adjustments
  • Turret emplacement HP reduced by 28% at all levels
  • Turret weapon damage reduced by 28% at all levels
  • Chance of Security Teams spawning in Single-Player enemy bases reduced by 10% at all levels
  • TOC Level 3 and below only:
    • Turret weapon range reduced up to 20%, for levels associated with TOC L1-3.

These changes are part of our ongoing work to balance risk vs. reward for battling in Firestrike. The amount of resources players are looting from Single-Player enemies is still a bit low relative to the repair costs for units lost in attacks, especially at TOC Level 3 and below. Therefore, we are lowering defensive power to make attacks easier.

“White Screen” Bug Fixed
  • A code problem that sometimes caused players to see a “white screen” error on login has been fixed.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike Patch Notes: February 24, 2017

Firestrike Patch Notes: February 24, 2017

Congratulations to all who participated in Firestrike’s Vengeance special event! Stay tuned for news about the next event soon, where you’ll have a chance to get prizes you missed last week.

Updates taking effect Friday, February 24:

  • Upgrade times and resource costs for upgrades unlocked at TOC Levels 5, 6, 7, and 8 reduced by 33%.
    • This will make it a bit easier for players to progress through the stretch from TOC levels 5 to 9
    • Players who reach TOC Level 6+ before Feb 27 will receive a free gift item; check in-game Messages.

Tip to prepare for the next special event: As with Vengeance, future event bases will be available at difficulty levels matching Single-Player L4 “IV”, L7 “VII”, and L10 “X” series bases. Practice with your army against these Single-Player levels to get ready for the event!

Also, as in past events, to obtain blueprint prizes you must have already unlocked and researched the “core” units available at the level of the reward.

Vengeance Event Tips

Vengeance Event Tips

Answers to common questions that have come up during Firestrike‘s second special event:


What advantage do I get from unlocking the special reward units?

The reward units have a unique “Superior (1.3x)” damage bonus that gives them +30% DPS against the unit type they counter. Plus, they also get an “Excellent (1.15x)” +15% DPS bonus against buildings, which regular units do not have.

These bonuses are shown in the four “Damage vs.” icons underneath the unit on the Train and Research menus. Hover your mouse over each icon to see the exact damage bonus.

Aside from these bonuses, reward units have the same base HP and DPS as regular units that unlock at the corresponding TOC level. Check the Research and Event Prizes menus – the unit descriptions there always mention which TOC level(s) a unit is designed for.


I’m at TOC level 5/6/7/8 and this event is way too hard!

Are you fighting the event at the right level? Vengeance has three difficulty levels: Bronze (TOC L4), Silver (TOC L7), and Gold (TOC L10+). Harding’s bases should be about the same difficulty as an ordinary Single Player base of the same TOC level. So a TOC Level 5 player will have an easy time fighting Bronze, a difficult time fighting Silver, and will probably not be able to complete Gold this week.

How can I get all the event rewards? I can’t fight these L10 Gold bases!

Don’t worry! The reward items from this event will still be in the Prizes Store during future special event weeks, available for similar Prize Tokens. You’ll be stronger then, and you will have more chances to get the rewards you missed this week.

We designed Firestrike special events with enemies and rewards for all different levels of players. We don’t expect that anyone will be able to gather ALL the rewards in a single event, especially the ones far beyond your current level. Win what you can this week, and stay tuned for the next event!


Why are my Supply and Fuel Yards collecting resources slower than before?

(Not related to the special event, but this has come up often): Check for a “low power” status message in your base. When your Generators are off-line, or not upgraded enough to provide full power for all systems, this slows down resource collection at Yards (and also the rate of fire of your turret weapons). This is indicated by an on-screen message like “Low Power – Buildings operating at 66%”.

For planning purposes, you can check the current and future power requirements of each building on its Upgrade menu. The power output of Generators is designed to tightly match the power draw of other buildings at each TOC level. To power a fully-upgraded base at any given TOC level, you will need to build and upgrade Generators to the maximum allowed at that TOC level.

We’re eager to hear your feedback – please join the discussion in Clan HQ!