Vengeance Event Tips

Vengeance Event Tips

Answers to common questions that have come up during Firestrike‘s second special event:


What advantage do I get from unlocking the special reward units?

The reward units have a unique “Superior (1.3x)” damage bonus that gives them +30% DPS against the unit type they counter. Plus, they also get an “Excellent (1.15x)” +15% DPS bonus against buildings, which regular units do not have.

These bonuses are shown in the four “Damage vs.” icons underneath the unit on the Train and Research menus. Hover your mouse over each icon to see the exact damage bonus.

Aside from these bonuses, reward units have the same base HP and DPS as regular units that unlock at the corresponding TOC level. Check the Research and Event Prizes menus – the unit descriptions there always mention which TOC level(s) a unit is designed for.


I’m at TOC level 5/6/7/8 and this event is way too hard!

Are you fighting the event at the right level? Vengeance has three difficulty levels: Bronze (TOC L4), Silver (TOC L7), and Gold (TOC L10+). Harding’s bases should be about the same difficulty as an ordinary Single Player base of the same TOC level. So a TOC Level 5 player will have an easy time fighting Bronze, a difficult time fighting Silver, and will probably not be able to complete Gold this week.

How can I get all the event rewards? I can’t fight these L10 Gold bases!

Don’t worry! The reward items from this event will still be in the Prizes Store during future special event weeks, available for similar Prize Tokens. You’ll be stronger then, and you will have more chances to get the rewards you missed this week.

We designed Firestrike special events with enemies and rewards for all different levels of players. We don’t expect that anyone will be able to gather ALL the rewards in a single event, especially the ones far beyond your current level. Win what you can this week, and stay tuned for the next event!


Why are my Supply and Fuel Yards collecting resources slower than before?

(Not related to the special event, but this has come up often): Check for a “low power” status message in your base. When your Generators are off-line, or not upgraded enough to provide full power for all systems, this slows down resource collection at Yards (and also the rate of fire of your turret weapons). This is indicated by an on-screen message like “Low Power – Buildings operating at 66%”.

For planning purposes, you can check the current and future power requirements of each building on its Upgrade menu. The power output of Generators is designed to tightly match the power draw of other buildings at each TOC level. To power a fully-upgraded base at any given TOC level, you will need to build and upgrade Generators to the maximum allowed at that TOC level.

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Firestrike: Vengeance Special Event

Firestrike: Vengeance Special Event


Thursday, Feb 16: Welcome to the second special event in Firestrike!

Scientist-gone-bad Anneka Harding returns to Gundar in a one-week scramble to defeat Single-Player and Multiplayer Map bases before time runs out.

Each of Harding’s special-event bases gives Prize Tokens which can be redeemed in the Store for exclusive rare items. Prize Tokens will only be available until the end of the event, February 23!

New Prize Tokens

The Vengeance event is available at three difficulty levels: Bronze (TOC L4), Silver (TOC L7), and Gold (TOC L10). Bronze-level bases give Bronze Prize Tokens as loot, Silver-level bases give Silver Prize Tokens, and Gold-level bases give – you guessed it – Gold Prize Tokens.

The more powerful event rewards require higher-level prize tokens. For example, the BRDM-3 can only be purchased with Silver tokens and the Mi-24D Hind can only be purchased with Gold tokens.

Higher-level prize tokens can be exchanged in the Store for lower-level tokens, so you can purchase more rewards in case you’ve finished the event at your level and have tokens left over.

New Rewards This Week

In addition to a return of the Stinger Gunner for TOC Level 4-7 players, this week marks the release of two new units for higher-level players:

BRDM-3 – Anti-Infantry Unit for TOC L7-9

Mi-24D Hind – Anti-Armor Unit for TOC L10+

Event Tips

During the Single-Player sequence, the 8th and final base gives many more Prize Tokens than earlier bases.

You can see the exact Prize Token reward amounts for upcoming Single-Player bases on the “progress” screen after conquering each base.

For veterans of Thunder Run and Days of Valor, please note the following differences in the Vengeance event system:

  • The Single-Player portion of the event can be played more than once. After the final stage is defeated, it resets back to the first stage, and can be fought again for more Prize Tokens.
  • Prize Token amounts are “back-loaded” – the final stage of the Single-Player event gives a very large amount of Tokens relative to the others. This rewards players for fighting through all the levels.

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Firestrike: Fuel & Supply Yards Accelerated

Firestrike: Fuel & Supply Yards Accelerated

Firestrike patch note for February 10, 2017:

  • Supply Yards, Fuel Yards, and Hardware Yards now produce resources at a faster rate, and can hold more resources before collection (increases range up to 70%).

These updates are part of our ongoing work to support a fun and rewarding pace of level advancement in Firestrike.

A line of U.S. Air Force Type-A Jet Fuel trucks sit on the flightline at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., during Checkered Flag 17-1 and Combat Archer 17-3 Dec. 13, 2016. More than 90 aircraft participated during the concurrent exercises and were fueled with a total of 1.84 million gallons of aircraft fuel by the 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron and other squadrons over the span of two weeks. (U.S. Air Force photo by SrA Solomon Cook)

Firestrike: Difficulty Balance Update

Firestrike: Difficulty Balance Update

Gather resources more easily in battle with today’s new updates:

  • Turret DPS and HP lowered by 37%
  • Chance of security team guards appearing on Single Player enemy buildings lowered by 20%

In addition, we found and fixed the problem with inconsistent reset timers for Single Player enemies. All Single Player enemy bases will now reset once per week, on Thursdays at 1700 GMT.

These updates are part of our ongoing work to improve the fun and rewards from Single Player and Multiplayer battles.

Updates took effect February 9, 2017 in Firestrike.

Firestrike: Sniper Level Correction

Firestrike: Sniper Level Correction

Some enemy units in high-level Firestrike Single Player bases were set to the wrong level, making them much stronger than intended:

  • Snipers in all TOC Level 10 (X) bases should be Level 1, but were Level 97.
  • AH-64A Apaches in all TOC Level 14 (XIV) bases should be Level 1, but were Level 21.

The units are now fixed for all “fresh” bases. Single-Player bases you’ve already attacked today will be fixed on their next reset.

We believe we caught all the wrongly-leveled units, but if you notice any other Single Player enemies with levels that don’t match their TOC level, please contact us on Clan HQ.

Firestrike: Single Player Difficulty Update

Congrats to all who participated in the first Firestrike special event. We’re checking over the battle results and starting work to develop more Single-Player and Multiplayer content.

In the meantime, we’ve heard from many players that gathering resources becomes too difficult at high TOC levels, especially Level 9 and above. The design team has been poring over battle logs to diagnose the problem, and they agree that Single Player bases at these levels are too tough on defense.

Effective today, we are randomly removing some turret emplacements from high-level Single Player bases. Level 9 (IX) bases will have one fewer turret, Level 10 (X) bases will have two fewer turrets, Level 11 (XI) bases will have three fewer turrets, and so on. You’ll need to check each base to see which ones are now more easily attacked. (note: this change only applies to “fresh” bases; if you’re in the middle of attacking a specific base, its turret layout will not change until the next reset).

This is only the next step in a longer process of smoothing out attack vs. defense balance in Firestrike. We’re still watching the battle logs, and will continue to make updates as necessary.

Design team note: The intended “resource profit” for attacking a Single Player base in Firestrike is about 300%. Meaning, for every 1 unit of Fuel/Supply spent on troops, we think the average player should be able to earn about 3 units of Fuel/Supply in loot.

Battle logs from the past weeks are showing close to the designed amount of resource loot for enemies of TOC Level 8 and lower, but lower than intended results for TOC Level 9 and higher. And of course player feedback has all been in this direction too. That’s the reason for this update.

Looking Forward

Here are other topics the design team is working on for the future (plans subject to change at any time):

  • Next special event with new rewards scaled for players at mid and high levels
  • Enhancements to Trainee recruiting rewards

Firestrike: Resource Balance Update

Firestrike: Resource Balance Update

We are thrilled to see advanced players hitting TOC Level 10 and beyond already in Firestrike!

As the game evolves, the design team is working to ensure combat is fun and rewarding, and to smooth out the flow of upgrades. We’d like all players to feel like they can make progress in Firestrike, growing power every day with every upgrade, at an appropriate level of challenge.

Recently, we noticed that players have been advancing more quickly in building upgrades than in unit levels. We think this might be because building-related features like security teams have more visible benefits than unit level upgrades. However, unit level upgrades are very important as you advance to face higher-level enemies with stronger defense. Players with higher-level units will find it easier to gather the resources they need for critical upgrades.

To help even out the balance between buildings and research, and to increase rewarding combat activity, we are applying the following adjustments (changes take effect today, January 24):

  • Supply, Fuel, and Hardware Depots now hold up to 33% more resources.
  • Unit unlocks and research now cost 33% less resources than before
  • Building level upgrades now cost 33% more resources than before

Note: in terms of overall resource budget, the last two changes cancel each other out. Fully upgrading your base at any TOC level will not take any more or less resources than before.

To repeat, these changes are designed to shift some investment away from building levels and towards unit levels, giving players a boost on offense. There is not a net increase in resource costs, which we know are already a significant blocking factor in player progress.

Looking Forward

Here are other topics the design team is working on for the future (plans subject to change at any time):

  • Checking the power/challenge balance for the Firestorm special event and the Stinger Gunner special unit
  • Creating more battle targets for higher-level players

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Firestrike: Stinger Gunner

Firestrike: Stinger Gunner

New special unit available available January 19 at 1700GMT in Firestrike!

DoD photo by Lance Cpl. Manuel Valdez, U.S. Marine Corps.

The Stinger Gunner is far more effective against air units and buildings than the standard Rifleman, while sacrificing some anti-armor ability. It’s designed for players at TOC Level 4-6, although remains viable into TOC Level 7.

The Stinger Gunner can be unlocked during the upcoming special event week, and has 39 upgrade levels. See below for combat stats at Level 1 and max level.

Firestrike Turret Range Update

Firestrike Turret Range Update

It’s been a few weeks since the launch of Firestrike, and the design team has been poring over battle logs to check how power balance is working out. Commanders are generally achieving stronger results on defense than on offense, limiting the amount of combat and resource looting. In response, we are reducing the range of defensive turret weapons by 10-20% at all levels. (change takes effect today, 2017 January 14).

Battle tip: It is vital to expose your attacking units to as little turret fire as possible. Try to find a path into the enemy base that avoids taking hits from more than one turret at once.

Incidentally, each turret is designed to have the same firepower as five units, with similar upgrades. This is to compensate for the turrets’ lack of movement and targeting control.

Turret Stats Update (2017 January 14)

TOC Level Old Max Turret Range New Max Turret Range
Level 1 600 480
Level 2 600 480
Level 3 660 570
Level 4 720 660
Level 5 780 720
Level 6+ 840 780

(stat change applies to all turret levels unlocked at the TOC levels listed above)

Firestrike Trainee Rewards

Firestrike Trainee Rewards

Firestrike players who participate in the Mentorship Rewards program as a trainee will now receive more powerful daily gifts.

Once per day, Firestrike mentors can send each trainee a daily gift, which will now consist of 3x units of the strongest level the trainee has unlocked.

To become a trainee, ask any Firestrike player to send you their invite link (available by clicking “+Add” at the bottom of the game screen).

Mentors can still receive the same powerful rewards from their trainees as before, including shield items, Gold, and more. Click here to read the details.