Battlehouse builds connected experiences across the web.

We create and operate massively-multiplayer real time strategy games, like Thunder Run: War of Clans and the Mars Frontier sci-fi series, enjoyed in over 190 countries.

Underlying our work is a passion for building software that connects people, is engaging and precise, and that users prefer over anything else. If that sounds like something you’d like to build, please join us!

Battlehouse Culture

Our backgrounds range from shipping Hollywood blockbusters to making science documentaries for NASA and National Geographic. We’ve updated the Linux kernel, advanced compression standards, and built software for hundreds of millions of Microsoft Office users.

Team photo: “Archified” Battlehouse staff in superhero cosplay. That’s how we roll.

We’re a fast-moving, high-impact team where every person matters. You’re here to grow, to lead and to have impact every day. Our dreams are big, our teams are small, and the only way to get there is for you to be an outrageous success.

Team photos: Curling, cooking, building, batting, shooting, and touring across California and Ontario.

Team photos: Aircraft carrier, space shuttle, Broadway show, Times Square, 30 Rock, Central Park

Battlehouse is based in Palo Alto, California, and Waterloo, Ontario, with a distributed teams across the US, Canada and South Korea. Our culture is of high trust and high performance. What you build matters most. When and where you build — whether in our office, at your home, at a coffee shop, or on an airplane — is up to you. When it makes sense to meet for projects, we travel to see our colleagues and have some fun along the way.

Why be flexible? Because talent matters, and talent is global. We’re looking for the best people on the planet, not just the best within driving distance. If you’re out to do the best work of your career, building epic experiences driving millions of hours of play, think about joining us.

Team photos: Napa valley winery, B-52 bomber, Taipei monuments, Korean DMZ

Team photos: Flying helicopters over Niagara Falls; axe-throwing in Toronto