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Welcome to Gundar, an island nation of disputed rule off the coast of North Africa.

Three months ago, a titanic earthquake swallowed the capital city, collapsing the national government. A civil war erupted among the private armies of the island’s most powerful families, each claiming to be the country’s new rightful ruler.

The families battle ferociously over territory and access to the country’s vast deposits of oil and precious metals. Soon, arms dealers and mercenaries flock to the island to profit richly as conflict escalates. They bring to Gundar the world’s best weapons, training, vehicles and aircraft, all for a price.

Caught by surprise, and caught in the middle, the cities, towns and villages across the land brace for war. Combining all the money and influence they can muster, each recruits a militia to defend them against the feuding warlords.

You arrive on Gundar to defend a small town by commanding its garrison. But the outpost is in shambles — and the fee and the forces promised to you are already spent.

As foreign aid and soldiers pour out of the doomed nation, you know that your town — among the poorest and most defenseless — shall likely be looted and burned to the ground by the civil war. Worse yet, it may choose to pledge allegiance to the dark and vile forces now quickly spreading into the region: pirates, thugs, Triads, and slavers.

You chose to stay, while others ran.

You’ve chosen to command the town’s garrison, and build an army to defend it. Thousands of men, women and children count on you for survival. You are their last and only hope, you are their protector, you are their leader.

They call you Commander.