It is with heavy hearts that after 10+ incredible years of producing Battlehouse games, we announce that Firestrike will be taking its final ride off into the sunset in April 2023. Read more here.

Thunder Run: Firestrike is a new expansion to the top online strategy game universe from the makers of Thunder Run: War of Clans and Thunder Run: Days of Valor. Play for free in your web browser – no download required!

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Online Strategy War Game - Firestrike

Build Your Army

Join thousands of players in an exciting multi-player world. Rebuild your army from the ashes of the Clan War to build and conquer the island of Gundar.

Real War Strategy

Discover and unlock real-world weaponry from Riflemen to the deadly Ka-50 Helicopter. Learn more about the units and buildings of Firestrike in the complete online field manual.

Command and Conquer Online

Inflict massive damage in battle and get your replay ranked on the daily Firestrike Top Hits list! Add up your conquests over time to secure a place on the live Firestrike Leaderboard.

Official Firestrike Trailer Video

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