It is with heavy hearts that after 10+ incredible years of producing Battlehouse games, we announce that Days of Valor will be taking its final ride off into the sunset in April 2023. Read more here.

Build an elite WWII-era army and wage epic MMORTS war with real-world historic weapons.

Build an Army

Unlock a vast range of World War II era combat units from M26 Pershing tanks and Panzerschreck infantry to custom powerhouses like the Sherman Flame. Develop your strategic fortress, placing every building exactly where you want. Upgrade realistic military war equipment from cluster bombs to anti-aircraft missiles.

Command Epic Battles

With cutting-edge HTML5 technology, Battlehouse games deliver gut-wrenching battle action right to your desktop! Command every step your army takes, or sit back and let artificial intelligence drive your units into battle.

Join Thousands Online

The only thing better than playing a top military game, is playing one online with friends! Battlehouse games feature the web’s best multiplayer Clan action. Make allies, send reinforcements, and plan your strategy to conquer the world!

Always Free to Play

Best of all, our strategy games will always be free to play – no credit card required! Play for free as much as you want. In-game purchases are available, but totally optional.


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