Game Designer

Want to build war games?

As a game designer at Battlehouse you’re shipping content and features for browser-based real-time strategy games serving millions of hours of play in over 80 countries.

You’re working with startup co-founders on a leading-edge HTML5 game engine with an exceptional team from Lucasfilm and Disney. Your check-ins ship regularly to production servers and shape the future of the company.

What you create today builds the foundation of new browser-based and mobile titles that will become landmarks in the game industry.

We’re based in Canada with a distributed team, similar to Github, WordPress, and open source projects. Team members have freedom to work wherever they choose thanks to video conferencing and online collaboration tools. Past and current contributors travel the world while at Battlehouse, working out of Madrid, San Francisco, Seoul, Dallas, Banff, Toronto and Waterloo.

  • Communicate with players and suggest new directions for game design
  • Design and spec new game content
  • Use data analytics (SQL) to thoroughly understand the games and how players play them

As an ideal candidate you:

  • Have an interest in game design and content development (bonus points if you send us examples of previous game design work)
  • Have a strong analytics background, including familiarity with SQL databases
  • Understand basic script programming (we emphasize Python and JavaScript)
  • Enjoy RTS and/or MMO games on PC or mobile devices
  • Communicate in English fluently
  • Thrive in an independent, distributed work environment

Please send applications by email to:

Comic Book Writer (Freelance)

We’re seeking an experienced writer for a work-for-hire project to develop a 3-4 issue comic book series based on our Mars Frontier series of online MMORTS games, including Mars Frontier, War Star Empire, and Battlefront Mars. The objectives of this project are to develop a high quality, compelling, self-contained storyline taking place in the Mars Frontier world, to have the IP optioned for feature film development, and, long term, to have the IP developed into a feature.

The initial project would be to prepare a treatment, series outline and first issue based on the game world lore, existing characters, vehicles, and artwork, which would be used to find either a top-tier publisher or to self-publish the content.

The next phase of the project would be delivering the subsequent issues in the series, which would be re-packaged as a graphic novel including 3-4 issues, and shopped to find a feature film production option.

We’re looking for a writer who can:

  • Tell a page-turning, action adventure “War on Mars” story while incorporating the existing assets and environments from the Mars Frontier world, which will be used to make high production cover art and marketing accompanying the book.
  • Work collaboratively with a producer and professional editor to shape and refine the story, script and details.
  • Write in a style that is compatible with translation to international languages without diminishing the integrity or intensity of the story.

Could you be a fit?

Please send writing samples and CV by email to: