Clan communication is now more exciting than ever!

Battlehouse is introducing a new messaging application, which lets you communicate with your clan members outside of Facebook – without using real names, without ads, and without a risk of unintentionally posting something on Facebook. It brings customized messaging across PCs and mobile where you have access to custom clan chat channels, unlimited history and personalized notifications.

To try out the new clan chat service, sign up here! Battlehouse Clan HQ.

Clan Chat

  • Create custom chat channels across clans and alliances
  • Easily share files, photos and videos from web or mobile
  • Directly message anyone 1-on-1



  • Unlimited custom themes across your devices
  • Over 18 individual color setting options to customize clan-specific sites


Battlehouse on Mobile

  • Simple mobile interface
  • Instant access to clan chat wherever, whenever


While you will need to keep Battlehouse Clan HQ open on a separate tab or window, the team is considering to integrate the chat system in-game if enough interest is received towards the service.


Finally, we are developing bonus features based on user feedback to enhance the clan chat experience, including custom notifications and unlimited history. More details can be found here.

Try out Battlehouse Clan HQ today!