Click here to join our new Discord chat server!

Dear Commanders:

On January 9th, 2020, we said “Goodbye” to the Clan HQ chat service, and welcomed the full transition to our Thunder Run Discord Server, which offers exciting benefits like voice chat, better moderation features, and official “Ask a Dev” events.

In addition to the main Thunder Run channels, players from other Battlehouse Games will find an “Other Battlehouse Games” section in the channel list where they can continue chatting about their favorite Battlehouse game.

If there is enough player demand for any particular game, the Community team may choose to create a dedicated Discord server for that game.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Battlehouse Community, and we hope to see you on Discord – Click here to join Discord now!


Discord 101: Pt. 1, Getting Started

After you click the in-game Discord link (an invitation to the server) you see the following screen, where you can either choose a screen name or sign in with Already have an account?.

The second option is for those who’ve used Discord before, i.e. have already sign up previously for other servers, or when you’re a returning user.

After you pick a screen name, you get the chance to register with your email address and get to choose a password.

If you disregard this window, you will see the following at the top of the browser window.

Click the Claim Account button and you can register with email address and password.

If you did enter your email address and chosen password in the previous window, you will see this screen. At this point you can optionally download the desktop app.

At the top of the browser window, you will see the following banner, prompting you to verify your account by checking your email.

Pending verification, you will be all set now.

Most issues result in players not signing up for an account right away, and upon revisiting Discord, entering their screen name again, which results in another account being created until you register.

Discord 101, Pt. 2: Finding Your Way

*Guides and materials supplied to us courtesy of Thunder Run Community’s very own General Bastian. 🎉