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Top Scores | Battlehouse Server | Week 394

Updated Dec 10, 2019 / 13:13 GMT


Total hitpoint damage done against all enemies

1.usmcrabbit [UWS] L15625,885,075
2.창남.650 L15506,073,602
3.Arlin [WST] L15472,933,796
4.BeetleBaily L14452,688,132
5.BigShark [UWS] L15444,835,898
6.Alessandra [ITA] L15431,644,873
7.Raiden [DSC] L15427,415,918
8.VlaDiskI [PRW] L15365,961,349
9.MarkyMark [UWS] L15349,402,219
10.Loyal [EEF] L15349,266,245


Fuel and Supply looted from rivals

1.usmcrabbit [UWS] L1566,516,249
2.BeetleBaily L1450,047,617
3.Arlin [WST] L1540,737,601
4.BigShark [UWS] L1540,693,933
5.Alessandra [ITA] L1537,909,951
6.SLAYER [GOH] L1437,870,810
7.Raiden [DSC] L1537,403,587
8.MarkyMark [UWS] L1536,663,728
9.gi21 L1534,755,684
10.창남.650 L1533,214,680

Single-Player Damage

Total hitpoint damage done against Single-Player enemies

1.usmcrabbit [UWS] L15600,516,523
2.창남.650 L15506,073,602
3.Arlin [WST] L15472,933,796
4.BeetleBaily L14448,820,132
5.BigShark [UWS] L15440,006,498
6.Alessandra [ITA] L15431,644,873
7.Raiden [DSC] L15427,415,918
8.MarkyMark [UWS] L15349,402,219
9.Loyal [EEF] L15349,266,245
10.Avoca [DGX] L15347,460,143

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