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Top Multiplayer Hits: Last 24 Hours

Updated Sep 28, 2023 / 23:30 GMT

Battles are ranked separately depending on the level of the attacking player:

Amethyst League: Attackers Level 21 and up

Sapphire League: Attackers Levels 17 to 20

Emerald League: Attackers Levels 13 to 16

Gold League: Attackers Levels 10 to 12

Silver League: Attackers Levels 7 to 9

Bronze League: Attackers Levels 4 to 6

About Firestrike

Join thousands in the top online war strategy game Firestrike. Build your military base, train soldiers, produce heavy weaponry, and move out to battle!

Designed for serious strategy gamers, Firestrike offers a huge virtual world to conquer. Unlock and build real military weapons and units.

Best of all, Firestrike is free to play, no download required!

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