Map Coordinates (top left)

If you mouse-over anything on the map, these coordinates change and indicate where you are on the map.

Ruling Clan (top left)

This shows you which clans own the most strongpoints on the map.


A special type of quarry that offers additional resource bonuses to your clan when your clan controls the most strongpoints on a particular map. A strongpoint can be identified by zooming all the way out on your regional map, and looking for any quarries that glow red.


As opposed to strongpoints, quarries are a special type of base on the regional map that contain only resource buildings, generators, and defensive buildings. A quarry can be conquered by destroying all the defensive buildings with a battalion, at which point the quarry falls under your control. When you control a quarry, you receive a resource bonus at your home base dependent on the resource type associated with the specific quarry.

Zooming in and out

The useful zoom buttons are found at the bottom right of the multiplayer map. If you zoom out all the way, you can get an idea of what lies around your base as well as where strongpoints and quarries are.  Zooming in is useful not only on the multiplayer map but also to have a better look at an enemy base and the units they are using in their base defence.

Deployments, Bookmarks and Quarries Tabs (bottom center)


Clicking on the “deployments” tab will show you how many battalions you have deployed out on the map.


Clicking on the “bookmarks” tab will bring up a menu showing you where you have created bookmarks on the map.

Creating a bookmark:

To create a bookmark, click on an enemy base, quarry or strongpoint and then click on “add bookmark”. (This bookmark will now appear in your list of bookmarks mentioned in the point above.)

Deploying Battalions

There are two ways to deploy battalions from the multiplayer map:

1. Clicking on your home base and selecting “deploy battalion”

Then click on the battalion you’d like to deploy

Then select an area just outside your base to deploy the battalion to.

Then click on the battalion and select “move”.

As you move your mouse, a green line will show the path that will be taken.  Once you left-click your mouse, your battalion will move to that point.

If your battalion is moving to a point and has not reached it’s destination yet, you can halt it.

By clicking on your “halted” battalion again, you can move it to a new destination on the map or return it to your home base.

Sometimes you might get an error message saying your battalion’s path is blocked. If this happens, check to make sure there are no other objects blocking the battalion’s path (e.g. water, mountain terrain, other battalions). If there are obstacles in the way, just command the battalion on a shorter path to ensure that it can “go around” whatever the obstacle is.

2. The other way to deploy battalions whilst on the multiplayer map is to click on the “battalions” button found in the bottom right corner.

This will show your battalions menu and you can select a battalion you’d like to deploy by clicking on the “manage” button.

The battalion’s details will be shown on a screen and to deploy it, click on “deploy”

Spying on the Map

In order to spy on enemies, you will need to have a battalion next to their base or you will get this error:

In order to spy, click on an enemy base and then click on “call battalion”.