Cregan Zohfeld, aka “CYCLOPS”, deposed prince of Bothnia, wanted for war crimes across Eastern Europe

“An alliance that does not wage war is senseless and useless.”

Real Name: Cregan Zohfeld
Occupation: Deposed monarch
Known Aliases Cyclops, Cregan Zoman, Blood Prince
Place of Birth: Royal Province, North Bothnia

Age: 41
Height: 5’11
Weight: 193 pounds

Skills: Interrogation, Eastern European languages, extreme wilderness survival

As a child, Cyclops lost both his royal parents and his left eye in the same bloody coup. Left for dead, he swore an oath for vengeance ten-fold upon his attackers and their families. He repaid his blood promise in the years that followed, until the last vein of the cancer was extinguished.

Now, trained as a weapon his whole life, he worked in earnest to rebuild his lost empire. Amassing followers, and wealth, and weapons, he raised an army in the shadow lands of Eastern Europe more deadly and more powerful than the region had seen since the last World War.

Cyclops comes to the lawless lands of Gundar to quench his bloodthirst. Born in battle, he is the consummate conqueror. He gives no quarter, no mercy, and no chance for escape. The weapons he brings are unlike any before seen on Gundar. Defeat his forces and the spoils shall be revealed. Fail, and you shall perish beneath his deadly gaze.