Nikki Hanson, aka “PIPER”, largest methamphetamine supplier in North Africa and Southern Europe

“Careful sugah, I got this thang ‘bout authority figures – I kill ‘em.”

Real Name: Nikki Elizabeth Hanson
Occupation: Drug Trafficker
Known Aliases: Piper
Place of Birth: Boone County, West Virginia

Age: 26
Height: 5’4
Weight: 118 pounds

Skills: Network encryption, improvised explosives, markswomanship

Home-schooled in West Virginia, Nikki Hanson became a crackshot with a rifle by the time she was 5. At age 8, her parents died in a police raid on their meth lab. She spent three days in foster care before stealing a police pistol and running away to survive in the mountains. Hunting with limited ammunition, she learned to creep up silently on deer and kill them with a single headshot from her revolver.

At night, Hanson broke into the town library to continue her schooling. She loved chemistry and computer programming. By age 12, she’d committed enough online fraud to acquire the materials for her own meth lab. She ran it alone, fulfilling orders by mail, until her 15 birthday when the FBI traced her Wifi signal and arrested her. At her maximum security juvenile detention facility, Hanson’s social skills blossomed. Befriending murderers, arsonists, and racketeers she hatched a plan to never again be taken by the authorities.

Upon release, one by one, her new family travelled to the island of Gundar. Calling herself “The Piper,” Hanson’s new meth lab flourished into a global drug enterprise, funding a vicious private army. From her secret base Hanson launches attacks to maim, terrorize and kill anyone attempting to bring law to the land. She and her soldiers will fight to the death for the island to always stay free.

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