The Battlefront Mars End of Season Clan Tournament has finished, and Season 5 is now Live!

Battlefront Mars Season 4 Tournament Winners

  • The Old Friends – 10,362 Points
  • THE BASSEHUNTERS – 9,381 Points
  • ARAB ARMY BROTHERS – 9,016 Points

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Battlefront Mars Season 5 Changes

The following changes are live as of today:

  • Some old maps will be retired: Maps 300 & 302.
  • Map 301 will be designated an “Alts OK” map. Players with more than one account may put their alts into Map 301.
  • Map 600 will remain an “Anti-alt” map, limited to 1 account per player.
Battlefront Mars: End of Season 4 Tournament Winners – Welcome to Season 5!