New this week in Days of Valor:

Elite Machine Gunner Unit

A new elite infantry unit, The Elite Machine Gunner, can now be deployed in your battalions. Your grunts are going to love this kit, Commander. They’ll probably forego leave just to get a chance to rack up some range hours.

New features include:

  • Higher rate of fire and the ability to attack air targets. Choppers beware!
  • New explosive ammunition: point it downrange, watch the world burn.
  • Land Warrior derived aiming assistance: better range means more hits.
  • Maximum level requires the new Academy and Barracks levels. Better start building, Commander.

A pack of these on the battlefield will surely wreak havoc on infantry! To start building Elite Machine Gunners, completely research the basic Machine Gunner, upgrade your Academy to Level 11 and purchase the blueprints during the Ruthless Event.

Elite Machine Gunner Unit at Max Level

Elite M109A7 Unit Equipment & Unit Stat Upgrades

Gundar Arms Industries is rolling out a new set of Unit Equipment for the Elite M109A7, available this week on the front page of the Event Prizes Store:

  • Elite M109A7 Laser Sights I – Laser homing technology that increase range by +3%
  • Elite M109A7 Ballistic Armor MK I – Improved armor coating reduces damage taken by -10%
  • Elite M109A7 Ammunition I – The newest grade armor-piercing ammunition increases damage by +7%

In addition to the new Unit Equipment, the Elite M109A7 also now features individually-upgradable Health and Damage stats, similar to other elite units.

  • These Level 6 stat upgrades require Unit Stat Blueprints, available for ONP in a new section of the Event Prizes store.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: New Elite Machine Gunner Unit, New Unit Equipment, New Building Levels – August 9th Patch Notes