DV: Landmine Improvements – November 29th Patch Notes

New this week in Days of Valor:

Landmine Improvements

You’d think digging a hole in the ground and tossing in a bomb was an easy task, but linking our mines to our command and control systems has always proven a little difficult. Fortunately, our engineers have managed to squeeze more minefields into our network, and have improved the power of our anti heavy-armor mines. Shall I give the order to start building?

Updates Include:

  • Minefield limit raised by 2.
  • Anti Heavy Armor Mine level cap raised to 10.

If you already have Level 5 Anti Heavy Armor Mines, you can start upgrading to Level 6 right away. Level 7 requires a Level 7 Weapons Lab. The new minefield size limit requires a Level 14 Weapon Factory.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Landmine Improvements – November 29th Patch Notes