New this week in Days of Valor:

Ambush Points & Strike Teams

Ever hear of a spider hole, Commander? Some of your troops had the bright idea to–get this–dig a hole in the ground and ambush incoming enemy troops. The engineers rigged a way to hook some of these into our command and control system, so now we can deploy Strike Teams to perimeter points around our base. As it turns out, it isn’t expensive to dig a hole in the ground. Ambush Point Blueprints are available in the Event Prizes Store for only 1000ONP.

  • Ambush Points are similar to landmines. Build them, then click “View Stats” to add a “Strike Team” equip to the equipment slot.
  • Like landmines, the number of Ambush Points you can build can be raised by researching techs in the Weapons Lab.
  • Strike Teams can be purchased in the store. Currently, only Vanguard Company, an anti-infantry specialist team, is available for 1000ONP per squad.
  • Unlike mines, Strike Teams are not destroyed when the Ambush Point triggers. Buy once and they stay put.
  • Strike Teams are persistent. If an attacker retreats, they’ll stick around for the next fight.

More teams will be released in the near future and we’re considering other unit mixes. Is there a particular dream team you’d like to see in the field? Let us know over on Clan HQ.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Ambush Points & Strike Teams – January 24th Patch Notes