DV: OH-58 Kiowa Strike Squadrons – March 21st Patch Notes

New this week in Days of Valor:

OH-58 Kiowa Strike Squadrons

Commander, we can now place alert beacons on some of our Ambush Points to call in our Kiowa Strike Squadrons. These reserve OH-58s will give the enemy a nasty surprise. Our surveyors have found room for a few more Ambush Points to accommodate our new reserves.

  • Ambush Point limit raised by two. You will need to research the next Ambush Point quantity tech to unlock the extras spots.
  • Deploy up to two OH-58 Kiowa Strike Squadrons to your Ambush Points.

OH-58 Kiowa Strike Squadrons can be upgraded in your Weapons Lab. At Level 1, three OH-58s deploy when the Ambush Point is triggered. You can currently research up to Level 5, which will result in seven OH-58s deploying when the Ambush Point is triggered.

Even if the enemy retreats, the deployed OH-58s will remain until destroyed or you return to repair your base. Don’t forget, Strike Team and Strike Squadron units benefit from equips and unit levels.

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UH-60 Blackhawk Airdrop Troops

Also available now in the Menace Event ONP Prize store:

Collect all new Airdrop Troop sets for all of your favorite infantry units. In addition to the Riflemen and Machine Gunners that are already available, the Mortarman, Javelin Gunner, Sniper, Sapper, Combat Engineer, and Stinger Gunner are joining the fray. Collect ’em all so that your enemy will never know what’s coming!

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: OH-58 Kiowa Strike Squadrons – March 21st Patch Notes