New this week in Days of Valor:

Warehouse Upgrades

Are all the new Strike Squads and Security Network Nodes still taking up too much precious storage space in your Warehouse? Fear not, Commanders. More upgrades to the Warehouse are here!

  • Warehouses Levels 1 – 5 now have two additional inventory slots.
  • Levels 6 – 13 now contain four additional inventory slots, and take less time to build.
  • Levels 10 – 13 now cost less supply and fuel to construct.
  • Upgrade to Level 14 to obtain a new maximum of 90 inventory slots.

The design team is also considering further quality-of-life improvements to the Warehouse designed to make unlocking more space easier, while also granting more control over item sorting and storing. More information on those updates will be coming down the road.

Have feedback to share about the specific improvements you’d like to see us make to the Warehouse going forward? Let us know over on Clan HQ.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: More Warehouse Upgrades Are Here – May 28th Patch Notes