New this week in Days of Valor:

Elite Mortarmen

It’s time to go long, Commanders! Long bomb inbound!

Amongst all the new training regimens recently made available to several of our top Infantry in the form of expanded level caps, an all new unit class has emerged, and is available now. Say hello to the Elite Mortarmen!

Features Include:

  • The Elite Mortarman fields a powerfully-boosted Heavy Mortar to rain maximum damage upon Infantry, Turret Emplacements, and Armor units.
  • Improved warheads deal additional damage over time, shell-shocking vehicles and blinding infantry.

If you don’t obtain the L7 Blueprint before the ONP Event ends, you will be capped at L6 until the Blueprint returns. The Blueprint and Sub-components are cheaper to help out with this, and you will have enough time to unlock all seven levels before the event ends, so long as you crush your enemies and obtain ONP quickly.

If you miss out on the unlock, never fear. We will be fully unlocking the Elite Mortarman later this year for players who don’t complete the upgrades on time. Your technological edge will only last so long, so you’d better take advantage of it!

More Warehouse Improvements

That’s not all, Commanders! We’ve been hard at work listening to your feedback, and making quality-of-life improvements to the game designed to help your gameplay experiences more convenient and enjoyable.

This week we have more updates for the Warehouse:

  • Upgrade your Warehouse to Level 15 to take advantage of increased space at a decreased cost than before.
  • The Warehouse can be now be used even if it’s being repaired. No more having to wait for your repairs to finish before storing that new and shiny item that you earned upon login.
  • The Warehouse stacking limit for 7-day shields has been increased. This was in direct response to feedback we received from you the players on Clan HQ, so keep the feedback coming!
  • More Warehouse updates are coming soon!

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Elite Mortarmen, and more! – June 27th Patch Notes