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Levels 13-15 Elite AH-1Z

The grease monkeys of Gundar have another explosive unit update available this week in the form of expanded levels and other highly anticipated improvements for the Elite AH-1Z. Here’s what’s new:

  • Max level has been expanded from L12 to 15. Unlike most new max level increases for units, these upgrades won’t require any blueprints – just resources!
  • Significant improvements were made to the “hit box targeting” for the Elite AH-1Z’s Sidewinder Missiles (weapon that can be activated with the “E” key). Sidewinder warriors should take note: an enemy helicopter’s shadow is the actual target, but the hitbox area has been expanded so that you can also effectively target the helicopter itself. In addition, damage no longer drops off as a result of inaccurate targeting. If you hit the opposing helicopter anywhere, you get the full damage, period.
Elite AH-1Z Stats from L13 -> L15

Expanded Turret Levels

And that’s not all, Commanders! Also available this week are expanded level blueprints for all turrets:

  • Blueprints to unlock Levels 29-30 for the MG Tower, Mortar, and TOW turret weapons are now available in the Event Prizes store.
  • Blueprints to unlock Levels 27-28 for the FASCAM, HEL Laser, C-RAM, M45 Quadmount, and Artillery turret weapons are also now available in the Event Prizes store.
The Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Missile, or C-RAM, gun fires flares during a weapons test at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, Jan. 31, 2010. The C-RAM has the ability to fire up to 4,500 rounds per minute to protect the base against incoming projectiles. (Photo: SrA. Brittany Bateman)

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Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: L13-15 Elite AH-1Z, Expanded Turret Levels – August 22nd Patch Notes