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Elite AH-64 Unit Improvements

Fly high, Commander! The grease monkeys of Gundar have spruced up one our favorite Elite birds with some highly desired performance improvements and equipment additions. Here’s what’s new:

  • Unit can now attack both air and ground. Rival flyers beware!
  • Unit’s “firing arc” has been increased from 5 to 15. This means that it’ll be able to attack a wider area without having to turn.
  • Speaking of turning: the unit’s turn rate has also been given a boost.
  • Unit’s rate of fire increased from one shot every 1.75 seconds to one shot per second.
  • Attacks now do splash damage.
  • Hit Points have been significantly increased.
  • Hardware build cost has been reduced.
  • Hardware research cost has been reduced.
  • Build and repair times have been reduced.
  • Unit’s missiles received some visual updates.
  • And the kicker? The ONP cost for the Elite AH-64 Blueprint has been reduced by 10% in the Event Prizes Store, so get’em while they’re hot!
New max level stats for the Elite AH-64

Elite AH-64 Level 2 Unit Equipment

What about the “equipment additions” we mentioned above, you ask? We’re not going to leave you hanging there. Gundar Arms Industries is also rolling out upgradeable weapons technologies. Purchase more Level 1 equipment sets in the ONP Store, and combine the parts in the Weapons Factory to make all new Level 2 sets!

  • Elite AH-64 GMC Laser Sights II – AN/PEQ-2 IR Laser Sight technology that increases range by 5%
  • Elite AH-64 GMC Ballistic Armor MK II – Improved kevlar that reduces damage taken by 10%
  • Elite AH-64 AP Ammunition II – The newest grade armor-piercing ammunition that increases damage by 10%

Collect the entire Level 2 Unit Equipment set to boost your Unit Equipment bonuses even higher!

Expanded Landmine Levels

And that’s not all, Commanders! Also available this week are expanded maximum levels for all Landmines:

  • Anti-Infantry and Anti-Air Mines are now upgradeable to L18.
  • Anti-Armor Mines are now upgradeable to L22.
  • Anti-Tank Mines (formerly known as “Anti-Heavy Armor” mines) are now upgradeable to L12.

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Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Elite AH-64 Unit Improvements, L2 Equipment, and Expanded Landmine Levels – September 5th Patch Notes