New this week in Days of Valor:

New LRAD Turret (aka “LRAD Junior”)

The LRAD Turret is here, and is now available for deployment to your Turret Platforms.

While able to reach shorter ranges than the TOC LRAD, the LRAD Turret delivers similar stat disruption to enemy units attacking your base, for a quarter of the price!

To unlock it, purchase the LRAD Turret Blueprint from the ONP Store (available for bases with TOC L10 and higher), research the tech in your Weapons Lab, and then Equip the new Weapon to one of your Turret Platforms!

LRAD Turret Stats

Note: Players who have previously bought the blueprint when it was mistakenly placed on the store do not need to purchase it again. Just activate your blueprint from the Warehouse and you’re good to go!

Acoustic Mine

And that’s not all, Commander! Watch your step, for the Acoustic Mine is here!

  • Available for bases with Level 4 TOC and higher
  • Requires at least Level 4 Weapons Lab
  • Electromagnetic pulse temporarily stuns all enemy units in range and knocks air units out of the sky.

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Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: New LRAD “Junior” Turret, and Acoustic Mines – October 29th Patch Notes