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AI Missile Defense Nerfs

Attention, Commanders!

We have reviewed AI battle data, and last week, have made some tweaks to the missile defenses of AI bases.

Our intent has always been for players to use a combination of missiles and units to conquer AI bases; not to spam missiles and win, and not to have missiles be useless. Recently, the latter appears more true.

The strongest AI missile defenses will now have 24% chance to shoot down a missile (down from 48%). More importantly, the number of buildings with missile defenses will be reduced to 1/4 of the turrets on TOC levels 1-5, and 1/3 of turrets on TOC levels 6-12.

Missile upgrades

And that’s not all, Commanders!

Our engineers just had a breakthrough on our missile technology, and some of them now deliver a little extra kick!

The EMP Missile level cap has been increased to Level 15, the EMP Missile Volley level cap has been increased to Level 14, and the High Explosive Missile level cap has been increased to Level 13!

L15 EMP Missile Stats and Requirements
L14 EMP Missile Volley Stats and Requirements
L13 High Explosive Missile Stats and Requirements

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DV: AI Missile Defense Nerfs, and more – June 24th Patch Notes