New this week in Days of Valor:

Welcome to the Danger Zone!

Attention, Commanders!

For a few weeks now we’ve been encountering enemy predator drones and spotters. We have locked on to their trail, and we can now take the fight to them!

The Danger Zone is here! From October 21st – November 4th, 2021, participate in the 8-mission singleplayer event that comes with a few surprises and brutal challenges. The first few missions unlock the new ATC Tower and its upgrades, which gives you more avenues for defense with the new Predator Recon. The last couple of stages will give you new units to play with, such as the Spotter!

Our friendly neighborhood streamer MacGyver7th took on the Danger Zone last week, and here are the highlights to give you a taste of what to expect from the event:

His full streams can be found on YouTube Channel (Part 1, Part 2) and on Facebook (Part 1, Part 2) if you’d like to watch the full VOD.

Are you up for the challenge, Commander? If you are unable to complete it in its two-week run, don’t fret! The Danger Zone will return!

Game improvements

And that’s not all, Commander! We made a small quality-of-life update where when you hover over any tech, it will show the time and resource requirements and the building or blueprint required if you can’t upgrade to the next level yet. If you can upgrade to the next level, it will tell you the max level you meet the requirements at that moment. No more clicking on each tech just to see if you meet the requirements!


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DV: Welcome to the Danger Zone! – October 21st Patch Notes