New this week in Days of Valor:

Attention, Commanders! The next batch of elite unit skins are here!

The Elite Machine Gunner, Elite Sherman Flame, and Elite Mi-24D Hind get their skins this week!

To get them, simply head on over to the Store! You can either go to Store>Cosmetics to purchase them with gold; or go to “Event Prizes” to purchase them with ONP/Hardware.

Friendly reminder that only “basic” skins can be purchased with ONP/Hardware. Premium skins, such as black (and more to come in the future) can only be bought with gold. And of course, red and green skins are free!

Once bought, just activate the skins and head on over to your Barracks, Motor Pool, or Airfield, and find the new option to change the unit colors.

Pick out the skin you bought, click “Apply Paint“, and you’re done!

More elite unit skins will be coming in the next few weeks, Commander. Care to guess which ones are next?

Have new feedback to share ? Let us know over in the “days-of-valor” channel within our Official Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: New Elite Unit Skins Batch! – March 24th Patch Notes