New this week in Firestrike:

Regional Map Updates

  • Many new AI Camps have been added to the map, providing a greater variety of lootable targets for players at all TOC levels.
    • We are closely monitoring the availability of targets for each TOC level, and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.
  • Player bases and AI Camps now have unique icons showing the TOC level of the base.
  • An extended tutorial is in testing for our newest players. This tutorial guides players to create battalions and fight on the regional map. Easy-to-attack L2 and L3 camps have been added for low-level players to practice on.

Game Interface Updates

  • Unit health bars now display an indication of the unit’s total HP. The more ticked segments you see on the health bar, the stronger the unit.
    • Note: The number of segments matches the TOC level the unit is designed for. For example, a unit showing 7 segments on its health bar is ideal for TOC Level 7 players.

Good hunting, commanders!

Firestrike – December 21 Patch Notes