New this week in Firestrike:

Landmines Update

Watch your step, Commanders! Landmines are  here, and It’s finally time to utilize some of the extra space you opened up around your base in the recent Base Expansion update.

  • Unlock Landmines by building the all new Weapons Lab and Weapons Factory buildings available in the Build Menu.
  • The Weapons Lab will be the home for all of your mine research and upgrades, while the Weapons Factory will handle all mine production.
  • After constructing the buildings, build your first Minefields from the Defense section within the Build Menu.
  • After the Minefields are placed, you still need to produce Mines to arm them! Head into your Weapons Factory to build some Anti-Infantry Mines to start.
  • Don’t forget to re-arm your Minefields after each defense!
  • Head to the Unlock & Upgrade section within the Weapons Lab to research additional types of Mines, and to unlock more buildable Minefields.

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Good hunting, Commanders!

FS: Landmines Update – April 25th Patch Notes