New this week in Firestrike:

Landmine Improvements

Watch your step, Firestrikers! We’ve made a bug fix and some much desired improvements to the recently released Landmines system.

Updates include:

  • We fixed a visual bug that was causing all levels of Landmines to show the Level 1 Damage and Splash Range values instead of the values for their actual level. All levels of Landmines should now show their proper values.
  • Damage values for all Mine levels have increased.
    • Previously, a Mine would do 2x the damage when exploded that a turret could do in one second. Now they do 3x the damage!

Like what you see? Let us know! Mines require extremely careful balancing to find that perfect balance of making them fun and powerful for everyone without being too over-powered, so we’ll be monitoring player feedback and battle replays closely and may adjust things further down the road if deemed necessary. 

Good hunting, Firestrikers!

FS: Landmine Improvements – June 13th Patch Notes