New this week in Firestrike:

Tactical Ops Center Level 18

Your architects have been hard at work, Commander. In addition to a sharply-worded requisition order for more coffee, they’ve delivered the upgrade plans for the next Tactical Ops Center expansion.

Effective today:

The Tactical Ops Center level cap is raised to Level 18, paving the way for new maximum levels for all buildings, turrets, landmines, and top-tier units.

New units

Heads up, Commander! Reinforcements have arrived. Today, the Stinger Gunner II takes the field!

CIWS Bug fix

And that’s not all, Commander! We’ve received reports that economy and research buildings with CIWS artillery defenses were not properly firing on incoming shells. This has been fixed. Also, a new CIWS Range stat has been added. Your base defenders should be better at picking off incoming shells now!

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Good hunting, Firestrikers!

FS: Tactical Ops Center Level 18 and more – October 1st Patch Notes