New this week in Mars Frontier:

New Warehouse Levels

Heads up, Martians! Valentina and company have been hearing your feedback loud and clear on the Voice of the Commander Trackers, and while most new developments will take some time, we wanted to give you something that’s been high on the request list for awhile in the form of new Warehouse levels.

Effective as of last Friday: the Warehouse is now upgradeable 2 more levels up Level 11, and all existing levels have a little bit more capacity (ex. an L1 Warehouse now has 6 slots instead of 5.

You no longer have to defeat the event base to unlock Level 9, but if you do you can still get a free Warehouse level.

Have feedback to share about this week’s releases? Let us know over in the “mars-frontier” channel within our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Martians!

MF: New Warehouse Levels – November 14th Patch Notes