New this week in Mars Frontier:

Radiation Tower

The Radiation Tower is here, and is now available for deployment to your Turret Platforms. Radiation Towers deal instant radiation damage to all units that come near! To unlock it, just research the tech in your Weapons Lab, and then Equip the new Weapon to one of your Turret Platforms.

Radiation Tower Stats at Level 11

Game Improvements

And that’s not all, Commanders! Here’s a recap of the other “Voice of the Commander” centric game improvements we’ve made this week:

  • Mousewheel scrolling support has been added to multiple portions of the UI: Achievement Categories, Change Rank, Battle History, Battle Logs, Leader Training, Equipment Crafting, Relocate Base, Regional Map Bookmarks, Equipment selection for buildings and units, Alliance info, Choose Clan Symbol, and Logistics Dispatch now all support wheel scrolling.
  • Map bookmarks, Achievements, and Player Settings now support “click and hold” scrolling. If you don’t have a mouse wheel, you can still enjoy the fast, smooth scrolling. Just click and hold!
  • The Map Bookmark scroll buttons have also been changed from “left/right” to “up/down” to provide for a much more smooth scrolling experience.

To see where the design team currently stands on various Community suggested features and game improvements, check out the Mars Frontier “Voice of the Commander” Tracker.

For a sneak peak at what’s coming up down the road, check out the “Developer Roadmap” in the most recent edition of the Battlehouse Dev Blog.

Have feedback to share about this week’s releases? Let us know over in the “mars-frontier” channel within our TR Discord Server.

Good hunting, Martians!

MF: Radiation Tower, and more – January 30th Patch Notes