New this week in Mars Frontier:

Voice of the Commander Updates

Greetings, Commanders!

Today is a different kind of “Voice of the Commander” day.

Usually, we’d celebrate with a quality-of-life update based on player feedback. It still is player feedback for today, but in a different way.

For the past few months, the gifting system has been popping in and out of existence. Unfortunately, this is due to Facebook breaking something on their side, and is not something we are able to fix on ours.

So we’ve been looking for ways to break free of this reliance on Facebook, and the first step to do that is now here: the “Friends” bar will now show clan members!

A transparent clan logo on a player in your friend bar will indicate that they are a clanmate.

As mentioned before, this is just the beginning. This will be developed further down the road, so stay tuned for more updates!

Have feedback to share about this week’s releases? Let us know over in the “mars-frontier” channel within our TR Discord Server.

Good hunting, Martians!

MF: Voice of the Commander Updates – July 14th Patch Notes