Welcome everyone to Thunder Run: Season 6!

This post is a reminder that the new season came with the closure of 4 old map regions: Maps 201, 202, 207, and 213, which were replaced by new anti-alt maps: Maps 604 and 605.

In addition, for the duration of Season 6, PvP points will only be obtainable in anti-alt regions (and the old Non-Map regions).

Entering a non-anti-alt region, meaning one of the Map 203-228 regions, will zero out a player’s PvP points. Therefore, players cannot collect a high number of PvP points and then escape to a region where attackers won’t be able to touch those points. There is a warning message and confirmation if you attempt to enter Maps 203-228 from a PvP-enabled region, to stop players from losing points accidentally.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Thunder Run Season 6 Reminder