New this week in Thunder Run:

Elite Machine Gunner Unit

A new elite infantry unit, The Elite Machine Gunner, can now be deployed in your battalions. Your grunts are going to love this kit, Commander. They’ll probably forego leave just to get a chance to rack up some range hours.

New features include:

  • Higher rate of fire and the ability to attack air targets. Choppers beware!
  • New explosive ammunition: point it downrange, watch the world burn.
  • Land Warrior derived aiming assistance: better range means more hits.
  • Maximum level requires the new Academy and Barracks levels. Better start building, Commander.

A pack of these on the battlefield will surely wreak havoc on infantry! To start building Elite Machine Gunners, completely research the basic Machine Gunner, upgrade your Academy to Level 11 and purchase the blueprints during the Nomad Event. Beware of Lansana in the Nomad Event, however! He’s already training some Elite Machine Gunners of his own, and he’s sending some of them out on patrol!

Elite Machine Gunner Unit at Max Level

Clearing Inactive Clan Tags

In direct response to player feedback from the Community: on Thursday, August 23rd at 10am PST (17:00 GMT), Clan Tags will be cleared from all inactive Clans (“Inactive Clan” is defined as a Clan where no members has logged in during the past 30 days). After this point, those precious newly-released tags can be claimed by you and your Clan.

Make sure to get that tag before your rival Clan does!

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: New Elite Machine Gunner Unit, Clearing Inactive Clan Tags