New this week in Thunder Run:

Elite Nimr L6+ Now Available To All

The grease monkeys of Gundar Arms Industries have finally received their backordered shipment of red paint meaning that the Elite Nimr is now available for mass production!

  • The Elite Nimr features enhanced stats over the Nimr, and can fire upwards! Choppers beware.
  • Starting Today: The Elite Nimr L6+ Upgrades are now available for all players! No need to grab the blueprint if you already have Level 5 unlocked. Just jump straight into the Level 6 Research!

Don’t have a Level 5 Elite Nimr yet? Get to the ONP Store now to start unlocking your Elite Nimr blueprints & sub-components.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Elite Nimr L6+ Now Available To All – April 18th Patch Notes