New this week in Thunder Run:

Farsight Security System

You’ve seen the Firestrom and Ironsides Systems as parts of our on-going Security Network releases, and the brilliant minds at Gundar Arms Industries have done it again. This week, say hello to the all new Farsight Security System!

Purchase the Farsight Nodes in the Hardware Event Store, and Equip them to the above mentioned buildings by opening up the Building Upgrade menu. Once equipped, the Farsight System will provide a Range boost to friendly units within 100 yards of each equipped building. Deploy the entire system to extend the boost range to 150 yards. (note: boosts from overlapping buildings do not add. When in range of multiple buildings equipped with Security Network items, units will receive the single maximum boost amount).

AI enemies will not be receiving these upgrades for now.

What do you guys think of the all the new Security Network releases? Let us know your feedback and favorite Security Network configurations over on Clan HQ.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Farsight Security System – June 6th Patch Notes