New today in Thunder Run:

Elite M109 Unit Improvements

Welcome to the Age of the Elite M109. Effective today, the Elite M109 has been granted the following list of buffs and improvements:

  • Major stat boosts to Damage, HP, and Blast Radius.
  • An added “Impact” effect, which you may recognize from the Elite TOS-1A.
  • Both research and build have been reduced, now repairing more quickly than an Elite TOS-1A.

The Elite TOS-1A will still be considered the King of the Motor Pool for most, but the Elite M109 is here to remind us that it’s not going down without a fight. See for yourself with the updated stats screenshot:

Elite M109A7 at Max Level (excluding L6 Stat Mods)

Stay tuned for more updates to the Elite M109A7 coming soon!

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Elite M109 Unit Improvements – July 8th Patch Notes