This Friday in our Thunder Run Discord Server:

Discord Dev AMA Round #2

Join us in the #general discussion channel of our Thunder Run Discord Server this Friday, October 4th at 7pm US Pacific Time (Saturday 2am GMT) for our 2nd community “Discord Dev AMA”. What does “AMA” stand for you ask? It means “Ask Me Anything”, and we’re letting you the players do just do that.

These text based live chats are a great opportunity for you the players to connect with Thunder Run game developers and Community Support Team members to share your feedback about the game, and meet other dedicated players of the Battlehouse community. Looking for a new home for clan chat operations? Creating a private clan channel on our Discord server gives you the added benefits of voice chatting with your clanmates, and sending clan notifications across all devices (including mobile)!


  • Please remain civil and respectful at all times. Any bad behavior that violates our Discord Community rules, posted in the #rules channel, may be punished with a permanent ban and removal of your comments.
  • We invite you to ask the deep and hard hitting questions relevant to the whole game community. But note, this AMA is not intended to be a means of receiving instant answers to individual player support tickets. We will not be responding to reports about suspected cheaters, offensive chat disputes, or other account-specific questions that would be more appropriately handled in private by the Player Support team.
  • Try to ask concise, but clear questions. Huge blocks of text with several questions shoved into one may not be answered, nor will non-constructive comments such as “fix the game”.

Follow this link to sign-up or login to Thunder Run Discord Server, and we’ll see you all on Friday! ->

TR: Discord Dev AMA Round #2 This Friday